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Page last modified: 2018-07-07

Server Al'Akir Europe
Guild Leader Blind
Type PvE
Armory Aztecs Armory

General Information

Aztecs Forum Logo sand.png

Server: EU-Al'Akir

Faction: Horde


Founded: 21st September 2005

Officers: Blind(GM), Adalsteinn, Michelf

Basic Information: If you wish to know more about Aztecs as a guild read this thread: and if you want to know about our current recruitment status and what we expect of trialists can be seen here:

Guild Progression

Our current raid progress can be seen in the following post on our forums:

Guild Progression - TBC & Classic

The Burning Crusade

10 Man Raid Zones

25 Man Raid Zones


20 Man Raid Zones

40 Man Raid Zones