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Page last modified: 2018-04-28

AllianceAnam Cara
Server The Sha'tar Europe
Guild Leader Phera
Levels All
Type PvE
Armory Anam Cara Armory

Anam Cara is a Non-RP social guild.


We are focusing on comradeship and friendliness among our members.

Not heavy on role-playing, despite being on a RP server. The guild channel is out-of-character. No level/race/class restrictions. Players from other guilds are welcome to join raids as long as there are free slots.


The Guild was founded by just 5 players who did not know each other previously, but shared a certain style of gameplay and found themselves grouping up with each other again and again. It is a shared belief that is important to help each other out and the Friendship between members is highly valued.

Anam Cara formed a strong bond with two other guilds, Highlight Heart and Spiritual Warriors. The three guilds share a custom chat channel to enable cross-guild chat between their members.

The bond with Highlight Heart grew particularly strong, and the guilds successfully merged in 2010. Anam Cara has also become a new home for members of Circle of Silence and Epiphany.

Guild Rules


Anam Cara does not actively recruit, but welcomes applications. New members are chosen based on their behaviour (fairness, friendliness, etc.) rather than their achievements, gear or experience. Character level does not play any role in the process. New members are subject to a trial period that can last between a few weeks and a few months.


Guild members help out levelling members with advice and active help, but it is expected of each member to put some effort in their levelling. The guild provides ready assistance for a difficult mob or quest, but asking for boosts repeatedly is highly frowned upon.

Professions are shared among most members, and spare mats are often passed on to other people to improve their skills.

Guild Vault

New members have extremely limited vault access during their trial period, which is increased as they become established members.

Anam Cara employs trademasters to look after the vault, who can hand out items to guild members on request.


The guild has a number of experienced raid leaders, and several raid teams. There is no regular raid day, but groups formed for specific runs will often organise schedules. Due to the size of the guild it is sometimes possible for different smaller runs to take place at the same time.

There is also a PvP team, and some arena activity.

Policy on Alts

Active (played) alts are generally allowed in the guild. However, bank alts and similar non-active characters are usually not admitted.


High Council: Phera, Nayeh, Malietta, Diingnus, Eruanna, Mahabhoot

Council: Feyinaath, Rhyder, Herrah, Uweilya, Clunk, Msciwój, Hálié, Jadeja, Rollan, Thylan, Herà

Raid Leaders

PvE: Malietta, Nayeh, Hálié

PvP: Rollan, Mahabhoot