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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

Shadowsinger is a runaway Caer Darrow Apprentice with an unusually beautiful and soulful voice, who by the power of a certain timetravel artifact was permanently transported into an Alternate timeline by a questing Adventurer shortly after the Apprentice was discovered sobbing over a portrait drawing of a certain Lordaeron prince held in the palm of their hands. Initially that discovery has surprised the Adventurer immensely, causing them to inquire if the Apprentice was aware that while the prince was a paladin, he would have highly likely exorcised the likes of Apprentice on the spot for their vile practices. To which the Apprentice replied: "I would give anything and pay any price if only you will help me save that noble soul from falling into eternal darkness." Smiling skeptically, the Adventurer has offered the brave Apprentice one chance to pick a timestamp of their choice where they could try their luck to divert a Menethil throne heir from taking a wrong turn on the road paved with good intentions. Without much hesitation, and to a further Adventurer's amusement, the Apprentice has picked the moment of a faithful Menethil reunion in their own place of residence. Knowing that there were no powers known strong enough to break the sword's wielder free from the absolute control of its real owner's command, the Adventurer sighed at the obviously poor Apprentice's choice, but remained true to their promise, and casted a timetravel spell, almost sure of ensuing futility of the mission. However the unbelievable happened. Apprentice's serene singing was able to drown out the Dark Lord's tireless whispers just in time before the irreversible has occurred, and thawed his augustness' heart back to its true senses. The outcome of such cardinal change seemed to have made the Apprentice endlessly happy beyond belief, however the Adventurer did not stay back in the Alternate timeline long enough to witness the further unfolding of the story's happy ending, and has departed shortly thereafter to continue their journey. With not much known about what happened afterwards, the only glimpse of what did happen can be obtained from adventurer's own memoirs, recorded right before they have departed the Alternate timeline, which were then subsequently archived.