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Name: Paulo Henrique S.B. (people call me puly. poo-lee)

Age: 21

Location: Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil (A.k.a. Place-where-people-dangle-on-vines).

Profession: Professional Illustrator! (Really!) You can find my works at

Favorite Warcraft Characters: Khadgar, Medivh, Arthas, Malfurion, Kael'thas, Ashbringer, Grom Hellscream, Aegwynn, Lothar.

Who i hate in WoW: Ironically, the forsaken (also known as emo-rotting-corpses) and most branches of Trolls except Ice Trolls. Murlocs, Gnolls, troggs and all other virus-like creatures.

Favorite places in World of Warcraft: All of Khaz Modan,Ashenvale, Hillsbrad Foothills/Alterac Mountains and nagrand!

Contact Info: xpulyx(AT)gmail dot com (e-mail)

Recently i've been featured on world of warcraft's official homepage 3 times now in the fanart section of Five of my drawings are there for display. [EDIT] I had to take out the links to the blizzard because the gallery changed and i can't link to especific images anymore. Sorry! But i put up the links to my own site.

Arthas Menethil, the lich king --This was my first drawing to enter the blizzard fanart page. It was awesome! It marked a milestone for me.

Arthas Menethil, Paladin of the Silver Hand --I think there is not one single piece of artwork other than the boxart for WCIII that displays arthas in his goody-two-shoes days.

Young Illidan Stormrage --I did it after reading the first book from War of the ancients trilogy. It's how i imagined him throughout the book.

Young Malfurion Stormrage --Again, after reading the first book from the WotA trilogy this is how i imagined him.

Young Tyrande Whisperwind --Same thing above. But now, with eyecandy for the guys! /cheer

Lord Anduin Lothar, the Lion of Azeroth --Lothar needs no introduction here on wowwiki. Best human character on Warcraft history.

Grand Crusader Mograine, The Asbringer --Another great lore character introduced in wow that now many people won't know his history because the silly players just skip Naxxramas. But now naxx is coming Back...People will get a taste of undead ash.

Frostwolf Chieftain Durotan --Well, i thought i should do him because no one else did hehe.

Thane Muradin Bronzebeard --This one was due to the fact dwarves are probably my favorite race in the game and i hadn'd done a single one of them! Plus, muradin kicks ass.

Prophet Velen, the Divine --Velen, i just decided to illustrate him for his sheer awesomeness.

Here are a few of my works that are being used on WoWwiki!

Durotan by Pulyx.
The Lion of Azeroth (fanart by Pulyx)
Mograine in life by Pulyx.