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Hey welcome to my page this is my idea of World of Warcraft and [Transformers].


to learn more on the transformers side click here.

The year was 2050 when earth was cyberforming right to the core, the 1/4th of the humans survived thanks to the autobots, unknown to the fractions of the 2, the universe was dying. 5 years past, and the autobots were finding a new world for the humans, but every planet was unknown to them was gone. So they need answers, but they were attacked by the decepticons led by megatron.

Meanwhile, the alliance and the horde found a strange message from another universe. The dwarves don’t know the earth or cybertronian language, nor the goblins do as well, so they ask every race there is on azeroth but none of them know. But they found a mysterious cave though, leading to an autobot ship filled with information to deliver a message that they are there they’re not alone.

While the alliance and the horde sent a message to cybertron, teletraan 2 got the signal right in the battle, from another universe. One of the autobot troopers got what’s left of the message, but the decepticon drone got the rest of it. Optimus prime got what the trooper got and continued fighting, elsewhere the drone gave the leader the rest of the message.

In pandaria, the leaders of the alliance and the horde gathered for a meeting to discuss about why the titans that did this. But then a mysterious crash on the sea floor, king Varian and warchief vol’jin sent 2 squadrons to the crash site. Unknown to them, the “meteor” was actually a decepticon dropship, so they went inside of it, and they found huge robots in stasis lock.

While the dropship was in the south sea, shockwave had put a beacon on the ship so megatron can easily find it. When the 3rd battle on iacon was over, a fleet of humans was angered by autobots so they went to kaon undetected and ask for a truse with the decepticons. But megatron would like to see how they’d do so they sent them to an autobot base to prove there worthy for the might of the decepticons.

When the battle underwater was over they took 2 decepticon bodies so they can see what makes them tick. Also, inside they found unfamiliar signals leading to the great dark beyond, so they bring it to ulduar to see what it means. But an unknown mini-drone was spying on the explorers, so they put a cybertronian disk on one of the information slots and listen.

With the humans that taken over an autobot base as their own, they are mech. Humans that used to hunt down transformers for something more, now take their place to the decepticons. Just as the spy herd about it, he tried to report it to optimus, but was captured by a wonderer. 2 of them were survivors from the base so megatron sent them a warning, so they ran off.

As the explorers listen, an adventurer notice a drone spying on them, so the hero killed it. The others saw it lying; as it fades they were shocked of the monster that made it. So they hurried to their separate cities warning them of the horrors they will face, so they sharpened there blades, toughen there spells and prepare for their arrival.

When a trooper survivor arrived, he tells optimus the warning about megatron increasing his forces with humans. To this report, he known half of them would betray them, so he increased his home base so it won’t interfere his friends. While that, optimus realized about the universe is mysteriously ripping apart, so he sends his most trusted warrior to kaon and find some answers.

Soon the burning legion found out that there foes were finding answers, so kil’jaeden sends a squadron to the mysterious ship to gather enough data they can of their “guests”. The council of the black harvest sensed this troubled time so they warned the alliance and the horde about this news, so they tell that to the races across the planet to rally up for the enemies of the old and the new.

When the human and trooper squadrons arrived on kaon, they began on downloading enough data to give to optimus. Meanwhile, a lone drone arrived and was more aggressive than they had imagined. So they fought with all their might until the data was complete. So they ran to deliver the data to optimus back at base, when megatron found out about it he sends starscream with the drone who fought and get the data back.

Underwater in the south sea, the old gods’ n’zoth and y’shaarj noticed the ship that crashed at the sea so they sent there minions to gather what they can get their “tentacles” on. Wrathion sensed these troubled times, so he gathered the adventurers to the timeless isle to send the warning to their leader(s), so they did.

With the data received, the scientists get to reveal what the decepticons are hiding. When the drone got near the gates of iacon, starscream thought that this drone would be the key for the death of his lord and master. When they went to get the data they discovered shockwaves disaster plan, so he secretly copied the data and gave it to megatron.

Thrall or go’el went to greatmother geyah for some answers of their history before the draenei crashed to draenor, but she knows nothing. Until a dwarf named brann bronzebeard arrived with some news that the titans were actually mechanicals from another universe that connected with theirs. So they discussed how it was possible.

As soon as starscream and his “ally” ran before anyone noticed, he said to the drone if it could join him when they go to another world. So the drone accept the offer, when they return to kaon, megatron was a little pleased with starscream for his lack of respect. And then he rewarded the drone to become a decepticon warrior like it wanted.

Soon he bring everyone who wants to learned about their creators, and once he’s done with his story the others were shocked of this astonishing news. So they rethink with their plan for the battle for what lies ahead. Elsewhere, the old gods’ minions found strange purple glowing crystals so too the legion and the scourge, so the experiment with their dead allies.

When the decepticons are ready to launch to another universe, starscream gathered his seekers for a meeting to rid themselves with their curse and start anew. When the portal launching drone launched the portal to the other universe, the others from iacon, crystal city ruins, azeroth, outland, and Argus saw the portal as well.

As the planet came closer to outland, shockwave prefer to set cybertron to outland. As megatron accept his regards, the planet went under outland and launched 4 elemental sucker tubes at shattrath city. Everyone evacuated as best they can, and the bigger tube bigger than the other 4 crash out of the ordinary. And a big metal head appeared out of know where and launched a big light and drain the vary life of the holy light and the naaru. In tears the people from both worlds where’re sad and hopeless, especially starscream, megatron laughed as he see all hope was lost and the survival of his master, unicron, shall live once again. Soon the beacon drone picked up multiple signals from separate locations, so megatron sends the full army to discover this new universe. As soon as kil’jaedan saw the planet slowing down, he went to introduce himself, when the old gods noticing the planet was doing the same they gave them the time to arrive. When the decepticons arrived at distant locations on the cities of the alliance and horde, they invaded. They fought with all their strength and might they have, but sadly they fall to their doom, until the autobots arrived and attacked the invaders on the alliance side, also starscream and half of the full army of the decepticons arrived as well to join the fight with horde. As soon as megatron afflicted the burning legion, the undead scourge, the old god forces, and the iron horde, he found out starscream was not with him, he wasn’t anywhere around kolkular, so he went to the horde city of orgrimmar to find out he was with the horde, as soon as he saw the autobots with the alliance on their side. As soon as optimus sets foot on kalimdor, he saw the sky commander with the horde. Megatron was furious of this, so he warned starscream this will be his last and final affliction towards the decepticon cause, so he left. Starscream explained optimus the point of this whole “teaming up” was a setback, for that, optimus forgave him for this, optimus and starscream explained the people their story, they accept the lore of and gave their time, and for that, they gave their fractions to their allies and starscream controlled polyhex and darkmount for bases of operations. Unknown to the others those humans began taking numerous dead bodies to praxus and called themselves n.a.r.f.u.w. (national alien resistant for fallen united world).

World of Warcraft and transformers


Autobots, led by optimus prime – alliance

Decepticons Seekers, led by starscream – horde

Decepticons, led by megatron – burning legion, scourge, old god forces, iron horde, etc.


Transformers-neutral (depending on their fractions)





Story so far:

See story top page


Outland (cyberformed)


Tri-torus loop;

Iacon (city)

Iacon (zone)



The rust zone

Crystal city

Praxus (city-zone)

Kolkular (city)

Kaon (zone)

Uraya (city-zone)

Tagan heights (zone)

Tyrest (city-zone)

Protihex (city-zone)

Blaster city

Badlands (cybertron)

Slaughter city

Underworld (full layers of cybertron)

Core of cybertron

The decepticon dark portal (elsewhere on the blasted lands)

Metroplex city

Metrotitan city

Trypticon city


Moon base 1

Moon base 2

Moon base 3

Moon base 4

Map (idea):

New squad helpers:


Stormwind guards

Ironforge guards

Gnomeregan exiles

Darnassus sentinels

Exodar peacekeepers

Gilnean guards

Autobot trooper guards

Human spacemarines (autobots)


Orgrimmar grunts

Sen’jin watchers



Silvermoon city guardians

Bilgewater guards

Decepticon seeker skyguards

Human spacemarines (seekers)