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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

Horrid Weather at Chillwind Camp
Horrid Weather at Chillwind Camp.jpg
A Brewing Storm loading screen
End boss
Instance info


Advised level


Minimum average
item level

425 (Normal)
496 (Heroic)

Player limit


Fresh from their victory at in Andorhal,[1] the forsaken plan to take all the northern part of the Western Plaguelands. Chillwind Camp is the only outpost left standing in their way.


For the short story, see User:Shammiesgun/One Long Rainy Day.

The washed up commander has raised the white flag and is ready to leave the camp. Thurman on the other is prepared for the battle of his life. Three advanturers came across a poster and have answered the call, they are now ready to fight to the bitter end.

Scenario denizens

Horrid Weather at Chillwind Camp.
Hostile Friendly

Stage guide

Stage 1: A New Hope

Thurman confronts Ashlam about his decision.
Defend Chillwind Camp until the militias are armed.

Distract the incoming Forsaken Vanguards while the Provincial Settlers are arming themselves.

As the scenario begins, a short cutscene introduces the situation:

Commander Ashlam Valorfist yells: Alright men, we are leaving! Pick up everything and start moving! The road to Refuge Point is long and dangerous, every man for himself!
Thurman Grant says: Ashlam, you can't give up without a fight.
Commander Ashlam Valorfist says: Look around you Thurman! We are reduced to our final regiment, the flight master has already fled, the Argent Crusade wants to remain neutral with both factions and have returned to Hearthglen, the hunters are hiding in the wild and your farmers are no more than half a dozen! Our chances are slim, the forsaken will take this land by nightfall.
Thurman Grant says: Did Uther give up when Arthas purged Lordaeron? Did Anduin Lothar give up when he saw Stormwind destroyed? Did Rhonin give up when a mana bomb was approaching Theramore? No, these brave humans stood their ground and they became heroes, parents put their children to sleep with these stories and they grow up to fight in hopes they would become heroes. You can be a hero now, the opportunity to get in Alliance's books is this. All because you didn't give up, just as they didn't.
Commander Ashlam Valorfist: sigh
Commander Ashlam Valorfist says: I'm sorry, but you are on your own. Give up hope before you become a walking corpse. Forget this business and go home. You are nothing more than a farmer.
Commander Ashlam Valorfist and his troops walk away
Thurman Grant says: At least I didn't forget what it means to be Alliance.

Cutscene ends and scenario begins.

Thurman Grant says: Champions, thank you for answering the call. Please, defend us while we equip some armor.

Stage 2: Road to Andorhal

Thurman Grant and the Provincial Settlers Armed.
Secure the western gate.
  • Thurman Grant yells: Ok, we are ready!
Thurman Grant comes out of the house and the join the players with his armed Provincial Settlers.
  • Thurman Grant says: Thank you for your patience, now follow me to the western side.
Thurman Grant and the Provincial Settlers run to the left side of Andorhal. Follow Thurman Grant and his Provincial Settlers to the western gate and defeat Corporal Blackshoe and his deathguards.
  • Corporal Stainstall yells: Enemies Approach!
  • Thurman Grant yells: FOR THE ALLIANCE!
  • Corporal Stainstall says: Your luck… will end… soon…
  • Thurman Grant yells: Well done everyone, the gate is ours!

Stage 3: Divine Intervention

The Priests (High Priest Thel'danis,High Priestess MacDonnell,Anchorite Truuen)
Go to Uther's Tomb.
  • Thurman Grant says: We’ll hold them off for as long we can, but it will be in vain if we forget the other side. By now they must have already crossed the bridge and will no doubtlessly try to destroy Uther’s Tomb to demoralize my men. We can't afford it, go to the tomb and meet up with High Priest Thel'danis. From then on do what ever he says.

Mount up and go to Uther's Tomb. Find High Priest Thel'danis, High Priestess MacDonnell and Anchorite Truuen.

  • High Priest Thel'danis says: Thank the light you've shown up. I've send a message to Stormwind but the Knights of the Silver Hand haven't shown up yet.

Stage 4: Holy Stand

The cannons in action.
Defend the tomb
  • High Priest Thel'danis says: I can smell them miles away. By the stench of it, I'd say we are dealing with catapults and mages. Lucky for us, a horde gunship dropped three turrets from the sky sometime ago. I was able to fix them and blessed their ammunition for extra damage. Do what you know best champion.Climb on and drive them back to the city.
  • High Priest Thel'danis yells: Here they come, aim for the catapults first.

Fight off the Ambermill Mages and Forsaken Catapults, hold them off until the knights arrive. One can use the Turrets in the area. Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker and four paladins come out from a portal created inside the tomb. The remaining forsaken forces flee.

  • Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker yells: Attack men! Drive them back to Andorhal!
  • Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker says: Sorry we are late Thel'danis, the message arrived a little late.
  • High Priest Thel'danis says: Don't worry, you are right on time.
  • Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker says: My forces will keep coming from the portal, so expect more of us. I need to move to Chillwind with my soldiers. Light bless you high priest.
  • High Priest Thel'danis says: Light bless you too, I will instruct your men to join you at the camp.
  • Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker: nods and runs towards Chillwind Camp.
The Knights of the Silver Hand and Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker arrive.

Stage 5: Contact the SI:7

  • High Priest Thel'danis says: Heroes, while we have halted the attack we haven't stopped the invasion. Meet up with Flint Shadowmore at the eastern gate. I just hope he's still alive.
Find Flint Shadowmore at the eastern gate
  • Flint Shadowmore says: Excellent, the priest said I'd have company soon. You may have dealt with one of the corporals, but this one doesn't have deathguards as her army. She has big stupid ugly abominations, we will end up the same if we don't fight back.
Go to Flint Shadowmore by running or using a mount.

Stage 6: Checkpoint

Flint Shadowmore trying to learn how to control the gizmo.
Secure the western gate.
  • Flint Shadowmore says: A dwarven mortar team gave me one of their cannons. I don't know how to use it, but there is always time to learn. Throw one of my smoke bombs on the ground a I will fire from behind that tree.
Flint Shadowmore goes behind a tree.
Defeat the incoming abominations.
If Flint misses.
  • Flint Shadowmore yells: Stupid gizmo! AIM!
If Flint hits a player.
  • Flint Shadowmore yells: Sorry!
If Flint hits the correct spot
  • Flint Shadowmore yells: Bullseye!
When the abominations die, Corporal Blackshoe appears.
  • Corporal Blackshoe yells: This land belongs to the Forsaken!
  • Corporal Blackshoe says: For the Dark Lady...
  • Flint Shadowmore yells: Well done everyone! We held them back, I don't want to believe it. We...WHAT IN VARIAN'S NAME IS THAT? A zeppelin is over Chillwind! Hurry back before they destroy the camp!

Final Stage: Last Stand

The final battle.
Ashlam Valorfist thanks Thurman Grant for inspiring him.
Destroy the invaders and defeat their leader.
You return to the camp to find that the forsaken are attacking and a zeppelin is on the top of it. The knights and the farmers are fighting the undead.
  • Commander Ashlam Valorfist yells: FOR THE ALLIANCE!
  • Thurman Grant says: Ashlam, you came back!
  • Commander Ashlam Valorfist says: Yes friend, but let's save the chitchat for later. We have a camp to defend.

Defeat everything you see until Legionnaire Hardlim shows up, then defeat him.

  • Legionnaire Hardlim says: In the end you will all serve the one. Just wait and see.
  • Thurman Grant says: We...we won. I don't believe it.
  • Commander Ashlam Valorfist says: Yes, but only the day. With this blow Sylvanas will send in more troops, but next time I will stand and earn my title of hero. Thank you for inspiring me, I needed it Thurman.
Goblin Zeppelin on Chillwind Camp.
Alchemist Arbington (Undead)

Bonus objectives

Destroy the Goblin Zeppelin

Grab the rope on the ground to climb on board and activate the bombs in the basement. You have only 5 seconds so grab a parachute from nearby and jump off the balcony.




As a horde player you will become a human.