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Image of Ramlin
Title <The Redemption Seeker, Warlock Trainer>
Gender Male
Race Human (Humanoid)
Level 60
Class Warlock, ex-paladin; Paladin, Warrior (formally)
Health 10,910
Mana 6,301
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Stormwind, Argent Crusade
Former affiliation(s) Order of the Silver Hand, Lordaeron, Independent
Location Exodar, Azuremyst Isle [79.6, 65.4]
Status Alive
Relative(s) Giblin (brother, deceased), Kidwell (father, deceased), Carla (mother, deceased)
Companion(s) Blightlight (gryphon)
"Redemption is all I seek."

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The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

Ramlin is human warlock trainer located at the Exodar on Azuremyst Isle. He is the only one found on the draenei isles.


Ramlin was born to the warriors Kidwell and Carla, two guards of Lordaeron, seven years prior to the first war. From a young age, he and his brother were being trained by their father, so that one day they would take his place. Ramlin and his brother trained for hours under the hot sun, both of them pushed to their limits out of fear they would end up as hermits from their father. While Giblin was a brute with a sword and his structure, Ramlin learned more and more every day until he became the better warrior from the two. On their last trial, Ramlin beat Giblin with ease and was awarded his father’s sword. Everything seems to be going his way, but felt emptiness inside that none could fill or knew about. This sadness that he couldn’t understand was something he always kept to himself. It was the start of the Second War and one day while running an errant for his father, he came across a man who would change his life forever. Uther the Lightbringer was attaching posters on the street and driven by his curiosity he asked the paladin what the words meant for he had never learned how to read. Uther humbly explained, he said that the Order of the Silver Hand was recruiting all who want to become paladins and even asked Ramlin if he was interested. The warrior never knew much about the light and his father never spoke of it, but of this could lift his spirits he was willing to give it a chance.

Paladinship and the Coming of the Scourge

Before fully joining the Silver hand, Ramlin attended sermons and in one rare occasion even had a discussion with Alonsus Faol. Not soon after, he was now an official member of the hand starting of as a squire. Every night, he would leave his home to train in the order, casting the light at his fingertips gave him great joy and the sadness of unknown reason had vanished. He trained and slowly but surely, he would shine as the sun. Sometime at the end of the second war, he was officially a paladin and a ceremony would be held for him. His father found out and an argument started. Kindell told him that the true way to succeed in life was to be what he was, a warrior. But Ramlin insisted there was another way. In the end, Ramlin packed his belongings and left for his own path. After the ceremony, he told his situation to Foal and he was more than happy to give him a room in the priest monastery in Lordaeron. After years in the monastery, the coming of the scourge forced him to join the battlefield for the start of the Third War. Studding healing under the monks, he became a top notch healer and used this advantage in battle. During one mission, he was ordered to go to a village in Lordaeron and bring a report of its situation. When he arrived, he saw from a far his family fighting the undead, they would not stand for much longer. As he approached, a realisation came to mind. He was happy now and was not about die with a family who disowned him. He didn't want to die like this. He returned with the report that village was no more. His superior gave him day off, so he decided to heal the wounded at the camp. When he tried to heal a soldier's broken leg, the light didn't respond to his will. He tried numerous times until he realized he had severed his connection to the Light. By choosing to abandon his family, Ramlin denied one of his duties as a paladin 'Protect the innocent'. He didn’t want to accept it and again he tried calling on the light, only to have a shadow bolt fired at the soldier leg. The soldiers screamed with pain and cried out for help. Petrified by what he had done, he ran south, leaving everything he had and his life behind.

The Exile Years

Exiled in the Hinterlands.
WoW Icon update.png This section concerns content related to the original World of Warcraft.

Alone, broken and sad Ramlin would pray day and night in hopes to gain the light’s favour again, it was all in vain. He took residence in an abounded Gnoll camp in the Hinterlands. There, he became a Freewheeling trader and did business with the Alliance and Horde alike. In just a few weeks, the former Paladin was able to upgrade the camp into a small inn with two beds, one of which belonged to him. He would light up a campfire for his guest and prepare a small meal made from the trees and wildlife nearby. On many occasions, the once who slept there would give him a gift as a token of appreciation. While the structure was just another camp but larger, the guest would all complement him for making it so cosy. Ever orc and troll gave him an axe or a sword, humans gave him holy relics and food and dwarves gave him beer. But one dwarf gave him a long life companion. One night, an orc warlock who managed to escape Orgrim Doomhammer’s wrath found himself wondering Azeroth, unlike the other orc guests, he gave him scrolls of dark magic and left the next morning. He never saw him again. On another night, a dwarf of the Wildhammer came to camp and stayed for three day. One the last day by the camp fire, Ramlin would share his tale to anyone who would want to hear it. Sometimes, he believed that this was the only reason why his guests gave him gifts. This Wildhammer was no different the others and after having his dinner and sharing a conversation with his host, he went by his gryphon and grabbed one it’s eggs and gave him instruction on how to make it hatch.

Warlock Training

WoW Icon update.png This section concerns content related to the original World of Warcraft.

After a few days, tending to the inn and selling his goods became a daily routine. In the following days, a beautiful creature had finally hatched. He named her Brightlight in remembrance of the light he so missed, so loved. Ramlin tended to the young beast as best as he could by feeding it worms and allowing it to roam the land close by, which is how she learnt how to fly. One evening, a group of Forest trolls captured the gryphon and ran back to their hideout. Not wanting to let her go, he chased them to their camp and fought to the bitter end. During the battle, he almost forgot that the light no longer heeds his call, for he even tried casted holy spells at his opponent. Returning to the camp Ramlin decided that he needed some protection for him and his friend and if the light was not going to do anything, he was forced to find a new source of protection. He still had the scrolls that the orc warlock gave him and he wondered if he could use them for his own benefit. While the memory of the screaming soldier tormented his mind, he realized there was no one left to hurt except himself. Reading to the rugged scrolls he found several of destruction and incineration, these he would never do, so he destroyed them. The only scrolls he had left had been of summoning demons. While he didn’t want to corrupt himself even further, but his little friend was more important and so he practiced. Every night as the guest slept, he would summon a demon and order it to gather water and kill any predators. He also practiced the shadow bolt he released on the soldier’s leg, but swore only to use it in emergencies only. Day by day, he got better to the point where he could summon and control twenty Felguards at once. He got stronger, but was still unhappy.

Joining the Argent Crusade

Wrath of the Lich King This section concerns content related to Wrath of the Lich King.

Sometime after the events at Light’s Hope, a paladin heeded the call of the Argent Crusade and decided to travel from Stormwind to the Eastern Plaguelands. When arriving in Arathi Highlands he decided to take a short cut through the Hinterlands. While passing through some troll ruins, he was ambushed by half a dozen forest trolls. The trolls took him to their capital to sacrifice him. As he stood bear on the altar, the shadow priest was cleaved by a felguard and the other as well. Hands tied and fearing that this was his end, the Paladin fainted. Hours later he awoke at Ramlin’s camp, while he was wary about dining with a warlock. He seemed quite friendly, especially with his fully grown gryphon. The man sat down and explained what happened, the paladin was grateful for what he did but he still didn’t trust him. Noticing this, Ramlin also talked about his past and how he got here. The Paladin couldn’t help but feel sorry for the man. He understood what his reasoning for summoning demons was and his only wish to return to the light, but was unsure of how to help him. Then a thought came to mind, he had an extra leaflet and gave it to his saviour. That night, Ramlin didn’t sleep at all, he wondered of the glories and opportunities waiting for him if he confronted his past, but anything would be better than dying out here miserable of old age. He grabbed his belongings and the next day, the paladin and he travelled to Light’s Hope together on Brightlight. While the crusaders felt trouble afloat with Ramlin around, the Paladin defended him and the two were assigned to Dragonblight Immediate.

Battle in Northrend

Ramlin riding Brightlight.
Wrath of the Lich King This section concerns content related to Wrath of the Lich King.

On his arrival, the officer assigned Ramlin along with a large battalion of crusaders to assassinate Anub'Arak in the forgotten city of Azjol-Nerub. The campaign there proved costly as to get to the centre, many died before gazing their eyes on the traitor king and those who did were in no shape to fight. They set up a small camp to heal and fight again. During the hours of rest, Ramlin was the only one who was unable to rest. The voices in his head would not allow him, so he decided to silence them. He travelled alone to the centre of the city, were Anub’Arak was waiting for him. The nerubian told him of how he reminded him of Kel'Thuzad, he proposed to him about joining the scourge but Ramlin refused and fought back. Before Anub’Arak could react, the warlock had already summoned and army of felguards as warriors and Imps as mages. Together they fought, but the king was stronger. In the end, he held the warlock in his clutches and was ready to give the final blow. But before he could kill him, the crusaders attacked in force and the weakened Anub’Arak retreated. Ramlin grabbed the opportunity and fled to lick his wounds, while the crusaders remained behind. As he looked back he saw them get slaughtered by the nerubian and even heard them crying for help. Suddenly, the warlock had a flashback of his family getting killed while he looked the other way. He was not about to commit the same mistake on the same lifetime. He summoned a felgaurd and climbed on his back, as he got close the minion threw him. Ramlin landed on his face and poked his eyes out. In pain Anub’Arak stepped back and fell in a deep hole. The warlock was left beaten on the ground and a figure made of light approached him to give him a message. “Now you are forgiven, let light run through your veins and inspire you to do rightful deeds. Your sin has been washed away, but you have distant yourself from the light. So much so, that you’ll never fully regain the ability to heal. However, you shall never be alone again, for now I am with you and as long as you are to, I will never leave.” As the figure retreated to the shadows, Ramlin looked at his hand and all he saw was light, he smiled and fainted on the ground.


Wrath of the Lich King This section concerns content related to Wrath of the Lich King.

Ramlin would eventually travel throughout Northrend and learn first aid from all the professionals he encountered and earned the rank of medic in the Argent Crusade and make his way to the walls of Icecrown were he treated soldiers during the whole assault. While he mourned greatly the loss of his brothers and sisters, he was filled with joy again.


Cataclysm This section concerns content related to Cataclysm.

With the death of the Lich King and a small token of light restored within him, Ramlin travelled to the Exodar where he heard that some Draenei have lost their faith in the light and Ramlin plans to restore it. He approached Velen and asks for his blessing on this duty, reviewing his past the prophet agreed and Ramlin began his work with the draenei. He believed that these people would listen to one who is dark than those who are light. After ever session, three or so draenei cast [Gift of the Naaru] on him and are re-welcomed in their society. He also offers warlocks training.

Purge of Dalaran

During the Purge of Dalaran.
Mists of Pandaria This section concerns content related to Mists of Pandaria.

During the Purge of Dalaran, Ramlin travelled to Dalaran to aid Jaina in purging the Sunreavers. While he agreed with Jaina on imprisoning them for their betrayal or kill them if they fight back, he was completely against the idea that the same fate should befall on the children of the Sin'dorei. In secret, with the help of an adventurer, he rounded as many children as he could and mounted them up on Brightlight and ordered her to travel to Silvermoon City. Afterwards, he returned to the Exodar to continue his work. Brightlight arrived soon after with a letter attached to her leg. It was a note from Aethas Sunreaver, thanking him for what he did for his people.

Ideals of Demonology

Ramlin sees demons as slaves and treats them badly at times for what they are, but he also began to consider them as his family. But he doesn’t get too sentimental about it, for he knows that if he loses his grip on them, they will surely hunt him down. Felguards and Imps are his favourites. While he still can’t fully use the light, he uses demonology to gain the same result as it, good.


Ramlin has had numerous conversations around Azeroth.

Battle with Anub'Arak

Before the battle, one will witness the event.

  • Anub’Arak says: I knew you would come. Ramlin, is it?
  • Ramlin says: That depends on who is asking and why.
  • Anub’Arak says: How rude of me, my name is Anub’Arak and I sensed your great power in the arts of summoning demons. My master would be pleased to have you as his agent and the power you’ll have will be unmatched! What do you say, friend?
  • Ramlin yells: NO!
  • Anub’Arak says: So straight to the point, why don’t you even consider it.
  • Ramlin  yells: Let me tell you something Nerubian, I already have made that mistake once by choosing my life over my duties and that event damned me forever. The light has abandoned me and I don’t blame it for its chose. I committed a sin beyond redemption and became impure, now I do what I can in hopes to at least gain its mercy. Joining you want let me.
  • Anub’Arak says: So persistent, yet with flaws. You remind me of the first human to approach me, he wanted power above all else. When he saw that power didn’t come without a price, he ran. So we chose for him, his name was Kel’thuzad.
  • Ramlin  yells: His mistakes won’t be mine aswell.
  • Anub’Arak says: Are you Sure?
  • Ramlin  yells: HEROES ATTACK!
  • Anub'arak yells: You have made your choice.

After the battle

  • Anub'arak yells: Ahhh... RAAAAAGH! Never thought... I would be free of him....
  • Ramlin  says: THANK…YOU…
  • Ramlin faints

Conversion of the Draenei

At the Exodar.
  • Ramlin  says: Do you see now why you shouldn’t abandon faith, because it is the most powerful thing in existence. If I had no hope, I would have been lost, probably became an agent of the scourge, but the light prevails above all else. There will be those who will grab my words and make a mockery of them, call you blind even. But remember, a servant is no better than his master. It means that if they hate the light, they will hate you too. Feeling sorry for them should be your first reaction, but remember to help them just as I have helped you.
  • Ramlin  says: So, who is ready to re-join his people?
  • Exodar Proselyte casts [Gift of the Naaru] on Ramlin.
  • Ramlin  says: Well done brothers, welcome home. As for the rest of you, I’ll see you later for another session.

Conversation with the Exodar Peacekeepers

Conversation with a Peacekeeper.
  • Exodar Peacekeeper says: Excuse me Ramlin, may I have a word with you
  • Ramlin says: But of course. As for you… I expect a change of heart when I return. Think about what I told you.
  • Exodar Peacekeeper says: I’ve been meaning to ask you. Why do you do this?
  • Ramlin looks confused
  • Exodar Peacekeeper says: I mean, why do you help these people escape dark magic instead of embracing it? No warlock has ever done that.
  • Ramlin says: Your reasoning is understandable, young one. I should know, for I would ask the same in your place. If you tasted my goblet, you’ll find it sour. Only the light can improved the taste and I will no longer be thirsty. The light is beautiful.
  • Exodar Peacekeeper says: You seem like an interesting fellow. Would you like to meet me at the Caregiver Center after work hours?
  • Ramlin says: I’d be delighted. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to continue my preaching.
  • Exodar Peacekeeper says: But of course, see you later then. Farewell
  • Ramlin nods and returns back to his place.

Letter from Aethas Sunreaver

I don’t know who you are or what your reasoning is for this act. But I thank you either way mysterious hero of the Alliance. The children you have brought back were made orphans today by Jaina and they described your heroism in their rescue. I shall assume you did it on good faith and for that I thank you, may the eternal sun shine upon you.

Aethas Sunreaver

Leader of the Sunreavers