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This user "Sixen" prefers to use the enhanced profile.

About Me

  • Name: Kevin
  • Internet Alias: Sixen
  • Current WoW Chars:
    • Izual - UD Mage on the Black Dragonflight server (Main)
    • Sixen - UD Death Knight on the Black Dragonflight server (Alt)
    • Elzix - UD Twink Rogue on the Cho'Gall server (Forum Char)
  • Stuff
    • Frequented the Blizzard Tech Support and Open Tech Support channels on
    • Co-leader of Fallen Arms clan in Op W@R with the great Denial, who leads us to certain death.
  • Forum Information:
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Attended all 6 BlizzCon's
    • Tribute in WotLK in-game book
    • Tribute in WotLK Sixen's Skullcap
    • Participated in: The Burning Crusade Beta, Wrath of the Lich King Alpha/Beta, Cataclysm Alpha/Beta, and WoL Beta, D3 Beta, HotS Beta.