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The Circle of Power

The Celestial Paladin is a unique belief and battle style,created by Aesindor,the celestial paladin powers and belief are driven from the Circle of Power.

The Circle of Power

The most inner ring represents God,who is the creator of the titans,the old gods,the trolls,the aqir,everything. The middle ring represents the connecting powers used by god:Light(The Holy Light),Love(which connects all living creatures),and Life. The outer ring represents the connected powers/the creating powers/the elements:Earth,Water,Fire,and Air.

The Powers of the Celestial Paladin

The Celestial Paladin uses the stars to connect with God,and to use his powers(much like how the shamans ask the elements for their powers). The powers of the Celestial Paladin allow him to summon a  [Celestial Steed],a steed made out of stars.a celestial paladin is able to summon fire,earth,water and air elementals and also unique to the celestial paladin,life elementals and angels(light elementals).