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Shoko Highmountain
Image of Shoko Highmountain
Title The Tauren Marine
Gender Male
Race(s) Tauren
Class Celestial Paladin(in training),Sunwalker,Warrior,Shaman,Tauren Marine,Tauren Chieftain
Affiliation(s) Horde,Thunder Bluff,Sunwalkers,Bronze Dragonflight,Shattered Sun Offensive,Army of the Light,The Celestial Dawnstar
Location Thunder Bluff,Caverns of Time,Dawnstar Village
Status Missing
Mentor(s) Aesindor Dawnstar


After the Cataclysm,While Aesindor was training Edward,he showed him one of the most ancient offensive's artifacts,A bronze medal with something looking like a hawk or a drake on it.Aesindor told Edward to use everything he can to destroy the medallion.but Edward's normal or celestial paladin powers were unable to do the slightest scratch on the medallion.Edward used all his pumpkin powers,grew larger and oranger,and changed his sword to a shovel.he concentrated all of his powers(pumpkin,celestial paladin and normal) to the shovel and hit the medallion.nothing happened to the medallion,but a strange rift appeared,and from it,a weird tauren with a metal armor and electric totems, appeared.The Tauren's totems and metal armor were not functioning.He claimed to be Shoko,a tauren marine from a group called Raynor's Raiders.Aesindor thought that he was coming from the future because of his advanced armor,and took him to the Caverns of Time,to seek the help from his freinds at the bronze dragonflight. After a certain inspection,Anachronos confirmed that he is from the not so far future,and that he was captured from the fields of mulgore as a young bull and went through a neural resocialization,that removed any of his former allegiances or ideologies, and made him into a fearless soldier. Anachronos partially reversed the neural resocialization and asked Aesindor to bring him to Thunder Bluff to help him gain a tauren lifestyle,and to take care of him.Anachronos also mentioned that he saw something called "zerg" on shoko's memory,something resembling a fel hunter,and advised Aesindor to ask the Bloodhoofs to make Shoko a member of the Highmountain tribe, a tribe known for their fight against the Burning Legion,because of the memory of the zerg and their resemblance to the fel hunters,it might be useful to make him to fight the Burning Legion. Aesindor left him in the hands of Cairne and Baine Bloodhoof,where he became a great tauren chieftain,and a member of the Highmountain tribe. After he regained his tauren lifestyle, he started to train under Aesindor as a Celestial Paladin. While Aesindor and Edward were away,Thalorien was arranging the artifacts in the artifacts building,he called Shoko for assistance.a wierd accident caused the Orb of Deception to shatter and cause a arcane explosion,the arcane energy was all fused into the medallion of Shoko,once again opening the rift and taking Shoko(with Thalorien) back to the place Shoko came from.Thalorien was later thrown back and his bones were found at where he first died.