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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

World of Warcraft: Tides of Nightmare.

World of Warcraft -Tides of Nightmare.



In the sunken city, he lays dreaming.

Beneath the waves a dark alliance is being formed by the Old God N'Zoth, the Naga and surviving members of the Burning Legion on Azeroth have been accumulating resources and allies for the slumbering monstrosity to summon Sargeras so that the dark titan destroys Azeroth, inadvertently freeing the Old Gods.

Meanwhile The Emerald Nightmare billows from the Rift Of Aln stronger than ever before, threatening to consume all of the Dream, thousands across Azeroth are incapacitated by this occurrence, trapped in their own nightmares. This allows the Naga, commanded by N'Zoth to easily assault the nations of Azeroth.

The Druids of the Cenarion Circle are able to protect the greatest defenders of Azeroth from the Nightmare's influence but the heroes must band together in a desperate counterattack to save Azeroth and the Emerald Dream from the total annihilation that N'Zoth seeks to wrought upon the realms.

New Features

  • The South Seas are now accessible, travel across the ocean in your very own upgrade-able ship to six brand new questing zones!
  • The Emerald Dream is now accessible. Along your journeys in the South Seas you will encounter Druids of the Cenarion Circle who will request your help, at these points your character will fall into a deep slumber and enter the Dream, upon completion of all of these quest lines you will gain permanent access to the Emerald Dream at any time or place as well as the final zone, the sleeping city of Ny'alotha.
  • The Level cap is raised to 110!
  • 11 new Dungeons and 3 new Raids have been added!
  • 2 new Battlegrounds and 3 Arenas have been added alongside an all new PvP zone, Plunder Isle.

Your Very Own Ship

You have been put in charge of your own ship by your faction leader, you will use this ship to travel across the South Seas to various locations. Your ship also functions in a PvP capacity, allowing battles between player's ships. In your travels you will be able to recruit various NPCs that do everything from providing schematics to upgrade your ship's capabilities, to providing daily quests, to vendors of various types.

Main Zones

  • NeutralDragon Isles (lvl 100-102)

The naga have established a large base of operations within the ornately decorated citadel that sits on the island. This is the first target in both the Horde and Alliance's crusades against the Naga.

  • NeutralKezan (lvl 102-104)

Since Deathwing's attack on the island, Kezan has been taken advantage of by the unsavory Venture Co. who have gained a great amount of power in the absence of the Bilgewater Cartel. Still a neutral city however, the Venture Co. and their leader Mogul Razdunk seek to dominate goblin race as well as invade the Emerald Dream and plunder the natural resources there.

  • NeutralKul Tiras (lvl 102-104)

The great sea kingdom of Kul Tiras has remained somewhat distant from the rest of the Alliance, but with the threat of the Naga the Alliance seeks to utilize the island as its main base of operations. Vol'Jin and the Darkspear wish to commune with the other tribes off the coast on the island of Zul'Dare in an effort to gain the support of the other troll tribes but corrupted Zandalari separatists seek to not only destroy the troll truce but the bond between the Horde and Alliance as well.

  • NeutralZandalar (lvl 104-106)

Having failed to secure Pandaria, many Zandalari have focused their attention on attempting to rebuild their sundered kingdom with the powerful magics they possess. The Zandalari would make great allies against the vile Naga but bad blood and a dark conspiracy threaten the Zandalari people with extinction.

  • NeutralBroken Isles (lvl 106-108)

Demonic forces emanating from the haunted Tomb Of Sargeras have prevented the Broken Isles from sinking into the Maelstrom.

  • NeutralThe Maelstrom (lvl 108-110)

Beneath the chaotic waves of the Maelstrom rests the capital city of the Naga, the capital of the Makura also exists here.

  • NeutralNy'alotha (lvl 110+)

This is the city of N'Zoth and what would seem to be the main base of operations for the Old God forces, it is a twisted hellscape covered in malleable flesh that N'Zoth commands, black stalks that resemble trees jut out from the crusty skin, all of the structures in this realm are organic and alive.

Other Zones

  • NeutralThe Emerald Dream (lvl 100-110)

The Emerald Dream will be accessed throughtout the expansion, you will encounter druids of the Cenarion Circle who will request your aid in fighting back the various villains who threaten the Dream. It is divided into five subzones, in four of these you must save the Ancients of Eternity, powerful beings that once defended the Eye Of Ysera from dark forces. These Ancients have been disabled or corrupted by Xavius' forces, to remove the magical barrier surrounding Xavius' fortress and to stablilize the Rift of Aln you must restore these Ancients. Once all of the ancients are saved the Rift Of Aln subzone will open up and it is here that you will be able to access Xavius' fortress as well as Ny'Alotha through the Rift.


  • The Emerald Meadows (lvl 101-102)

The beauty of natural Azeroth is encapsulated here. Massive fields of green for miles, the most verdant flora covering the lush grass. Massive trees dot the beautiful plains, thick forests surround the meadows.

  • Sprite Falls (102-103)

Sprite Falls is a large mountain, at the top of this mountain is a massive lake, the pure water from this lake rushes thoroughly down the sides, creating a massive waterfall, the largest documented by druids. It flows down into a river which leads directly into the Rift Of Aln.

  • Twistvale (lvl 105-106)

Twistvale is the convergence of many massive trees and vines creating a twisting, landscape situated on massive tree branches, bramble and thorns adorning the bark.

  • Silent Shore (lvl 108-109)

An eeriely quiet region of the Emerald Dream, it is this zone where the druids would come to study and meditate.

  • The Rift Of Aln (lvl 109-110+)

The chaotic rift has grown since the Nightmare has made its resurgence, becoming a giant tear at the center of the dream. The monstrous forces of the Emerald Nightmare surge from the Rift, threatening to consume the Emerald Dream. Floating above the Rift is Xavius' personal fortress, Zin-Xavius, a structure similar in design to the ancient Night Elves but within this seemingly pristine castle are abominable creatures that serve N'Zoth and N'Zoth alone.

  • NeutralTel'Abim (lvl 102+)
  • NeutralThe Lost Isles (lvl 105+)
  • NeutralPlunder Isle (lvl 107+)
  • NeutralHiji (lvl 108+)
  • NeutralIsland of Doctor Lapidis
  • NeutralGillijim's Isle
  • NeutralOgrezonia
  • NeutralOminous island

Dungeons and Raids


  • Suramar Depths.
  • Venture Co. Industries.
  • Mugamba Caverns.
  • Nazjatar Garrison.
  • Fey Heights.
  • Drakeshell Citadel.
  • The Lightless Gorge.
  • Saronite Shelf.
  • Maraudon.
  • Uldaman.
  • Bloodsail Harbor.


Tier 1

  • Zin-Xavius
  • Zuldazar
  • The All Seeing Spire

Tier 2

  • The Tomb Of Sargeras.
  • Abyssal Maw.

Tier 3

  • Nazjatar.

Tier 4

  • The Maddening Castle.