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Original Burning Crusade expansion

During the TBC development, I have found an interesting picture of blood elf character creation. The model used was the original elven model from vanilla WoW - but a much more interesting feature was a pandaren icon at the end of the Alliance banner. At that time, I was really excited, that pandaren would become playable. However, Blizzard then announced the new-created draenei and my excitement over the new Alliance race turned into disgust. But then, during Blizzcon 2011, the pandaren were eventually announced as a new playable neutral race. I have not been playing WoW for several years now, but the confirmation that pandaren really should have been the Alliance race for The Burning Crusade brought me back to search for the old images - and fantasize of what WoW could look like, if Blizzard hadn't changed their minds.

Fake Pandaren.jpg