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World Of Warcraft - Afterlife


Screen pitch black. A set of eyes opens. One eye is a glowing deep ice blue and the other is glowing deep blood red. Words ring out saying "Illidan failed. Arthas the Lich King was slain. Deathwing the Destroyer was defeated. One will stand. One will be victorious. One will reek havoc on the living world. They will tremble more than ever. They will tremble in Fear." You hear everything start to tremble, fall apart, clink and clash. You hear someone rise from sitting. He starts walking to somewhere. With every step he takes, every thing trembles and the ground cracks. After a few seconds, the screen gets bright dark/light blue and he sees over a balcony and he sees the Realm of the Afterlife, the Underworld. He over sees an army like no other. As the screen fades away, you hear " I will have my revenge." It phases to the real world. Then it shows a clip of a Necromancer in combat and then Bone Claws come from the ground and roots his enemy. The Necromancer uses Bone Spear and quickly finishes his enemy off and uses the dead body to Raise a Skeleton Mage. Then Fades out to pitch black one again.


After the events at Angrathar the Wrath Gate, the deaths of Bolvar Fordragon and Dranosh Saurfang, and the Battle for the Undercity, they killed Grand Aprothecay Putress. His soul went to the Afterlife. He wondered the Underworld for a long while. He goes to the Capital City of (Big City of Death) and he finds the Arch-lord of Death , (Bad Guy) .(Bad Guy) offers Putress enternal life and untold power. Its an offer he can't refuse. The task is to crupt the Underworld. In doing so, he makes an Army of the Corrupt and turns the Underworld into chaos. He gets granted his life and his body back. He gets the ability to phase between The Underworld and the Physical World to do his Master's bidding. He uses Dark Magic and summons Death Gates around the world. Putress orders his Army of the Corrupt to go though the Death Gates and tries to take over the Living World. Putress's Army of the Corrupt is twice as big as The Scourge and The Burning Legion put together. Now the two Worlds are colliding as the horrors from the underneath start to emerge. Fellow Heros of Azroth, only you can stop the Apocalypse which is nearing.

New Hero Class

Necromancer (

New End Boss

(Bad Guy) Level ???

New Content

The Underworld

New Zones

  • Level 81-90 ?????????
  • Level 85-87 ?????????
  • Level 83-85 ?????????
  • Level 87-90 ?????????

New City

(Big city of Death)

Level Cap raised to 90

No New Races

Due to the pattern Blizzard already has. (ex BC - Races, WOTLK - Class, CATA - Races, ect.)

New Class Necromancer


100's of New Quests, Weapons, Items and Armor

New Instances, 10 - 25 Man Raids, and Battlegrounds

Special Battlegrounds

The classics Warsong Gulch(CTF), Arathi Basin(Resources), Alterac Valley(Kill General), Eye of the Storm(Conquest) ect, plus a new Style called Domination. It a battleground where The Horde and Alliance has a temporary peace treaty with each other to fight against the apposing (Bad Guys).(I know its not the normal PVP but I think it would add a difference to how you play and it could be interesting)

when you die you go talk to a Spirit Healer at level 85 it will give you a quest the quest is you go to somewhere secrad and you have to fight a Val'lyr before you enter the area you are phased so you can fight the Val'lyr, after you defete it, it will grant you Rtie of Spirital Passage Rite of Spirital Passage is needed to enter the Afterlife it is a passive ablity just like your Riding Skill and Cold Weather Flying after you gain the Rite of Spirital Passage you are ported to the Spirit Healer it asks you if you want to go to the afterlife now or later it is your decsion to do so if you choose to do so, a loading screen will apear (lol) the Afterlife will look like when your dead...but with phasing and some color...theres spirits of everything ever killed it is amazing beautiful you see spirits that are at rest and peaceful and you see spirits that are not