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We have existed long before your precious titans walked among the stars. What makes you think we'd give up because of some random group of mortals?

We're back!


  • LEVEL TO 130
    • Pets to 30
  • New Continent: THE DRAGON ISLANDS
  • New Allied Race: Tortollan
  • New Class/Race Options
  • New Specializations
  • Accessories
  • Player Housing
  • Guild Bases
  • Hero's Weapons
  • Return of the Orders



Neither side felt victorious. Anduin was played for a fool as the war drew on, testing his resolve for peace. Sylvanas was used to distract from the real issues Azeroth was facing. All according to N'zoth's plan. Even with his defeat, the gears had already been set in motion. Far off in ancient lands where no mortal had laid eyes on, the new empire was forming. When all was done, the heroes would wish they left Sargeras's sword alone to kill Azeroth. Only the Alliance and Horde stand in the way, but only if they can finally put their differences aside...

Important Characters

  • Xal'atath

The entity formally housed in the ritual dagger of the same name. Her history stretches far back to the Black Empire. She was used by a priest hero during the third invasion of the Burning Legion to protect Azeroth until she was used to siphon part of the corrupting energy from Sargeras's sword. She remained dorment until a foolish hero found her and granted her a physical form once again. She has since worked to bring the void's will upon Azeroth.

  • Nozdormu

Aspect of Time. Blessed by Aman'thul to watch over the many timeways of Azeroth, the once immortal dragon has remained reclusive since the demise of Deathwing. While his flight has done much to assist the heroes, Nozdormu has mostly been focused on trying to regain some of his former glory, believing it would be vital to save Azeroth. His search has led him back to these ancient islands, for better or worse...

  • Alexstrazsa

Aspect of Life. Blessed by Eonar to care for all life on Azeroth, the dragon queen has suffered many losses since losing her power, from being unable to lay eggs anymore, to losing her younger sister, Ysera, to watching some of her brood perish at the hands of the Deathlord. Promise of regaining her power and ensuring a future for the dragons has led her to return to the Dragon Islands.

  • Kalecgos

Aspect of Magic. Kalec has been aspect far shorter than any of the others, having ascended to the position sometime after the death of the original aspect of magic, Malygos, only for him to lose the power shortly there after. Kalec assists his fellow aspects as they travel to regain their power, though he has little interest in the islands outside of a better source of energy for his dying brood.

  • Ebonhorn

Elder of the Highmountain Tauren and the disguised form of the uncorrupted black dragon Ebyssian. He has taken it upon himself to act as the new aspect of earth. While acting in the Onyx Wastes, he finds himself not the only freed member of his flight.

  • Merithra

Daughter of Ysera, she has taken up her fallen mother's calling to protect Azeroth. Her journey has brought her face to face with someone she thought long lost and forgotten.

  • The Three

C'thun, Yogg'sarron, N'zoth. Though all defeated by the mortal heroes, their essences live on, having migrated to the start of their new Black Empire. With new ethereal humanoid forms, they conduct their work to bring about a glorious and terrible fate for Azeroth.

  • The Twilight Harbingers

The Shadow's Blade, The Drowned Listener, The Rage of Y'shaarj, The Warped Observer, The Profiteer, The Dark Huntress, The Eye of N'zoth. The Seven mysterious figures that have watched over the events unfurling across Azeroth and beyond for some time. They're identity remains unknown, but many if not all are familiar somehow...

  • Wrathion

The Black Prince. For some time he has remained relatively reclusive, searching for his own answers after his plans to save Azeroth have failed. Like the aspects, his search has lead him to the Dragon Islands. Rumors of another clutch of untainted Black Dragon eggs have garnered his interest. The old gods new city close by has given him worry.

  • Magni Bronzebeard

The Speaker of Azeroth and former king of the dwarves. He has disappeared since the arrival of the harbingers.

  • Med'an

The son of Garrona and Medivh, recent activities of the void have lead him back to Azeroth as the Old Gods become more active. His goal has turned to preparing the world soul for her grand destiny.

The Enemy

The old god's forces are vast and numerous. From the Twilight's Hammer Cult to the insidious Nightmare and beyond, the forces of the Black Empire have gathered to see to their rise once more.

The Twilight's Hammer

  • Leader: The Drowned Listener

For many decades the Twilight's Hammer has watched over Azeroth, secretly influencing events in their masters favors. They were seemingly thrown into disaray after the fall of Deathwing, but have continued gathering strength in secret. For some time they had been splintered, but one of the Twilight Harbingers, going by the title of the Drowned Listener, has gathered them together again for one final stand to bring about the end.

The Emerald Nightmare

  • Leader: Nocturous, the Fallen Son of Ysera

Twice before the Nightmare had seemingly been snuffed out, with Xavius's demise being the final nail in the coffin. However, as it has been said, the Rift of Aln is deep and holds many secrets. One such secret was a forgotten son of the late green dragon aspect, Ysera, who had been captured and twisted for centuries. As the new Nightmare lord, nay, the pure embodiment of the Nightmare, he leads the corruption into Azeroth once more.

The Aqir Swarm

  • Leader: The Aqir Council

The Qiraji. The Nerubians. The Mantid. The Nymphin. These four insectoid races have served their masters for countless eons, fighting for territory and against the titan usurpers. Lead by their most powerful paragons, the swarm of Aqir begin to raze the lands of Azeroth once more.


An ancient race of humanoid Turtles, they travel the world searching for stories, ancient artifacts and treasures. With no real alegiance, various members have pledged themselves to both factions in hopes of creating their own legends.

"More trouble? Time to make it back to the water..."

Leader: None (They're just doing their own thing)

Faction: Both

Classes: Warrior, Monk, Hunter, Mage, Shaman, Priest


Inv babytortollan.pngMade it to the Water: Increases Swim Speed and grants unlimited underwater breathing.

Inv inscription 80 warscroll intellect.pngI've got a Story for This: Increases Archaeology as well as grants a chance to dig up a scroll when surveying.

Inv tailoring 80 deepseabag.pngI've Collected MANY Things: Adds an extra line of Bank space.

Inv tabard tortollanseekers.pngExcept the Naga: Gains Extra Reputation from Daily and World Quests.

Ability hunter pet turtle.pngInto the Shell: Active, Hide in your shell for a short time, reducing damage but being unable to attack.

Unlock Requirement: Exalted with Tortollan Seekers

The Dragon Islands

Temple in Ruby Fields

Long ago, after the dragon flights were raised, the titan keepers created a safe haven for the flights to keep watching over Azeroth. The aspects have long kept this land a secret, even from their own kind. The only constant inhabitants are the mythical Dragonborn, humanoid dragons that have tended to the lands of their flight and protected it form most invaders. No one expected Deathwing to give the secret to the Old Gods...

During your travels you will return to a small island known as Titan's Stand. Here the keepers have created a safe zone for the Alliance, Horde, and newly formed Orders to rest between trials.

Leveling Zones(118-130)

  • Ruby Fields

The western most island, covered in lush fields and abundant life. The old gods are focused fairly heavily here to raze the land and siphon the life energy from it.

  • Sapphire Archipelago

The northern most islands, located on a major layline nexus. The old gods set up operations here to siphon the arcane magic and use it for their own needs.

  • Emerald Woods

The eastern most island. A wild forest that seeps in and out of the emerald dream. The old gods have begun to reawaken the nightmare, hoping to plunge Azeroth into chaos.

  • Topaz Desert

The southern most island. The sands of the desert shift wildly as time rifts open and close through out the island. The infinite dragons have been making a new home here.

Max Level Zone

  • Onyx Wastes

The central island. The remains of the black dragon sanctuary, it has been twisted and corrupted over many years unbeknownst to the outside world. The Black empire has formed a massive base here, though something larger and more intimidating can be seen off in the distance...


  • Tree of Life (Leveling, Ruby Fields)

A grand tree in the center of the Fields, it stands as a testament of the work the Red Dragonflight has put forth. It has become the target of the Old gods desires to wipe out life on Azeroth.

  • Leyline Center (Leveling, Sapphire Archipelago)

A cavern beneath the islands that delves deep in the Leyline nexus. Reality twists and bends as the raw arcane energy flows through the walls, making it a perfect spot to harvest.

  • Dream of Azeroth (Leveling, Emerald Forest)

Deep within the great woods of the Dragon Islands lies a portal into the Emerald Dream. Though once pristine and thought to be cleansed, the Nightmare begins to stir once more.

  • Twist of Time (Leveling, Topaz Desert)

A rift in time that has opened up within the great desert, leading to an alternate timeline. The Infinite dragons have made themselves at home.

  • Death's Door (Max, Ruby Fields)

Deep beneath the Fields lies a crevasse hidden from most. Life energy leaks into the caverns, twisted into unholy energy. What lurks below should not be let free...

  • Skies of Arcane (Max, Sapphire Archipelago)

A series of islands hidden above the clouds of the Dragon Islands. Energy that is seemingly alien to Azeroth fills the air like a thick mist. No one is quite sure who or what resides here.

  • Shel'kaaxth (Max, Emerald Forest)

An old god temple recently built on the edge of the forest. Nightmarish creatures roam the halls, waiting to twist those who venture too close.

  • Galakrond (Max, Topaz Desert)

The true history of Azeroth's most terrible dragon. The Infinite Dragons wish to stir the beast and use him for their own wicked deeds.

  • Shuul'wah Uulwi (Mythic Only, Onyx Wastes)

A dark, twisted cavern beneath the great temple, screams of torment echo through each corner. A dark history lurks in it's shadows...

  • Strand of the Ancients (Mythic Only)

Once fought over by the Alliance and Horde, this ancient island had disappeared from Northrend shortly after the Legion invasion. Having reappeared off the shore of the Dragon Islands, the forces of the void have become drawn to the titanic power within the ruins.


Rift of Aln (7 Bosses)

The Rift

The deepest part of the Emerald Dream. While Xavius had been slain here and the nightmare seemingly put down for good, the resurgence of the Black Empire has reawakened the taint deep within the rift.

Tower of Fate (3 Bosses) A seemingly infinite tower standing tall in the center of Titan's Stand, the sword of Sargeras plunged into Azeroth has driven the defense systems mad. If not deactivated, even the one safe zone on the Islands may be rendered inhospitable.

Void's Spear (10 bosses) A great and terrible ship used by the black empire to claim the Dragon Islands. It has embedded itself into the Onyx Wastes where it seeps dark energy into the land. If left unchecked, the corruption could taint Azeroth forever.

New Specializations

As you traveled through Azeroth, new ways of utilizing your powers have opened up to you. These new specializations offer more variety in how you defend Azeroth. In addition, new artifacts for these specs will be available, with their own quests, to players going through legion content. These artifacts will have access to all forms except Hidden and Challenge appearance sets.

Death Knight: Corruption

Spell shadow deathcoil.png

  • Spell Caster DPS
  • Primary Stat: Intellect
  • Preferred Weapons: One handed Swords, Axes, and Maces with an Offhand.

A dark sorcerer of death who corrupts and plagues his/her foes with burning curses.

The teachings of Teron Gorefiend have long been forgotten by modern Death Knights. His secrets have however recently resurfaced. Some had used these powers against the legion and have begun sharing their findings with their brethren.

  • Artifact: Grimoire of the Damned (Off hand with 1h Sword, Gorefiend's Curse)

As Gorefiend tormented the Alliance, he kept notes on the powers and secrets he discovered of his new affliction, even from his master, Gul'dan. When Illidan invited him to the Black Temple, he brought with him an armory of cursed weapons, hidden deep in the temple. At the center sat his Grimoire of dark knowledge. Perhaps Akama would be willing to part with such dark artifacts.

Demon Hunter: Inquisition


  • Spell Caster DPS
  • Primary Stat: Intellect
  • Preferred Weapons; Dual One Handed Weapons

Tormentor of Illidan, using demonic powers to torture his/her enemies into submission.

While most demon hunters were taught to use their physical abilities to fight the legion, some had turned to abusing fel magics for their own purposes. Taking the form of the dreaded inquisitor demons they take their name from, these Demon Hunters twist and torment their enemies into submission.

  • Artifact: The Inquisitor's Tools (Dual Warglaives, Domination and Submission)

A pair of warglaives forged by the Illidari to torment their demon prisoners, temporally severing their connection to the nether as they howl in pain. Illidan, not wanting to loose such important tools to the adventurers that would invade the Black Temple soon, sent one of his hunters to Mardun with them. The hunter has not been seen in some time.

Hunter: Beast Guardian

Spell nature unyeildingstamina.png

  • Tank
  • Primary Stat: Agility
  • Preferred Weapons: Bows, Crossbows, Guns

Guardian of Nature that commands his/her pet to defend his/her allies from enemies.

While many hunters would use their pets to fight along side them, some would use them to protect their allies, commanding them to shield the wounded. While originally a form of Beast Mastery, the style has since evolved into it's own fighting technique.

  • Artifact: Echos of the Primals (Crossbow)

In times long forgotten, ancient Dreanor was taken over by a great force of nature called the Evergrowth. This force would have enveloped the entirety of Dreanor had Aggrimar not arrived and created the Breakers to counter the growth. Millennia have passed and with the destruction of the orc homeworld, next to no remnants of the primals remain on Outland. Rumors have surfaced lately that something may still pulse with energy deep in Blade's Edge.

Monk: Mistdancer

Monk stance redcrane.png

  • Healer
  • Primary Stat: Intellect
  • Preferred Weapons: Dual One Handed Weapons

Disciple of Chi-Ji that mixes his/her martial arts with chi, moving as though dancing as he/she fights and aids allies simultaneously.

Chi-Ji's personal style of healing was not as common as Yu'lon's as it was focused on not only aiding allies but also fighting enemies. The teachings were nearly lost in the legion invasion, but many of the sacred teachings have been preserved and remastered since.

  • Artifact: Feathers of the Red Crane (Fist Weapons)

As with most birds, the great Chi-Ji would molt his feathers from time to time. The most lustrous of these would be gathered and adorned onto a pair of bladed fans. They have stood the test of time as a symbol of the order of the red crane. Recently, with the war in Pandaria causing eruptions of sha, the fans have been tainted with despair. The order has been working since then to cleanse the fans, and are on the verge of doing so, just as the legion approaches...

Mage: Timeweaving

Spell mage altertime.png

  • Healer
  • Primary Stat: Intellect
  • Preferred Weapons: Staff, or One handed weapon with an off hand.

A magus who studies the ebb and flow of time, using his/her research to reverse the wounds of his/her allies.

Time is a particularly tricky school of magic, even for the most dedicated of scholars in the Kirin'tor. The only one outside of the bronze dragons to employ such mastery of time was the former Grand Magistrix of the Nightborne, Elesande. Her research into the school had been recently found, granting access to a new way of healing.

  • Artifact:Sands of Time (Offhand with Dagger main hand, Fang of Nozdormu)

The sands of time have served the bronze dragonfilight for many eons, they have become a target of the Burning Legion in hopes of messing with the flow of time on Azeroth. It is up to the bronze dragons and their allies to defend the sands before they fall into the wrong hands.

Shaman: Earthen

Spell nature earthshock.png

  • Tank
  • Primary Stat: Agility
  • Preferred Weapons: Staff, or One Handed Weapon with a Shield.

Elementalist who infuses his/herself with the power of the earth to defend his/her allies.

While the element of earth has always been used offensively by the Earthen Ring, defensive techniques were relatively rare. However, as many battles waged against Azeroth's foes, many Shamen have begun to use these techniques to defend their allies and protect their homes, often infusing themselves with stone to stand in the front line with their plate wearing friends.

  • Artifact: Grave of the Earth Princess (Shield paired with a 1h mace, Zaetar's Gift)

Princess Theradras, daughter of the Earthmother Therazane, had fallen at the hands of the mortal adventurers years ago. Though deceased, the grave stone placed at her fall has since absorbed the energy of the earth, making it a target for the Burning Legion.

Warrior: Gladiator

Spell warrior gladiatorstance.png

  • Melee DPS
  • Primary Stat: Strength
  • Preferred Weapons: One handed weapon with a Shield

A brutal pit fighter armed with a weapon and shield that aggressively attacks his/her foes.

The fight against the Iron Horde had brought many warriors to the arena of Highmaul. Though much of the fighting was against the ogres and orcs in the city, some warriors decided to use their shields not to defend, but to fight back and brutally harm enemies. These techniques were forgotten somewhat when the Legion attacked, but after much time refining their skills, several warriors have brought it back into light.

  • Artifact: Trophy of the Arena (1h sword and Shield)

Highmaul once held great gladiatorial events for amusement, offering slaves freedom as a reward. To prevent this, they had a master gladiator waiting at the end, wielding these enchanted weapons to prevent them from earning their reward. Kargath, upon his escape, stole the sword and shield and hid them away to prevent any orc in the future from being subject to the same torment. It is assumed they survived the destruction of Dreanor and are still hidden away.

New Class Race Combinations

To fight the old gods, many of Azeroth's people have taken up new skills that they've never considered before.


  • Night Elf Paladin
  • Worgen Paladin
  • Worgen Monk
  • Void Elf Paladin
  • Lightforged Draenei Monk
  • Lightforged Draenei Shaman
  • Kul Tiran Human Paladin


  • Blood Elf Shaman
  • Orc Priest
  • Tauren Mage
  • Forsaken Paladin
  • Goblin Monk
  • Highmountain Tauren Mage
  • Mag'har Orc Warlock
  • Zandalari Troll Warlock


  • Pandaren Paladin


Your character's appearance should be very personal, a reflection of who you are or an RP character you enjoy playing as. As such, it's important to be able to customize the appearance as much as possible. Over the years many steps have been added to do so; from the Barbershop to Transmogrification. Now more options will be available with new Accessory slots added to your character sheet.

Adding to Armor

Accessories are meant to accent your transmog like never before. You can add many different little items to your appearance through your character sheet. You'll start off with one slot to add something extra to, do various tasks on the Dragon Islands, three more will open up to not just your main character, but all your alts as well. Accessories can be placed in any slot, but you may only have on per location. Each accessory has a place where it can go, be it on your head, neck, chest, back, arm or leg. Of course, with arms and legs you can chose to put them on the right left or both. In addition, many accessories can be dyed in various colors. You start with Red, Blue, Green, Black, and White dyes but can unlock and find many more colors as you adventure that can be shared with all your alts.

Fashion Collection

A new collection tab is available to collect accessories you gather across your characters. This, as with anything in the collections window, allows you to share the accessories you gather with all your characters so you won't miss out on anything. Ribbons, vials, scarves, masks, and many more can be found from exploring and gathering across many sources like furniture mentioned above. Dungeons and Raids, both new and old, may drop appropriately themed accents, while an achievement, old or new as well, may grant a related accessory. Many new shops across Azeroth will sell them as well, and old reputation vendors may have additional stock.

Player Housing

Even Adventurers deserve a place to rest. While inns have served the heroes of Azeroth fine in the past, many may seek out their own homes, building a place to settle down between fighting.

Obtaining your Home

When you reach level 40, you will get a letter in the mail informing you of a crack that has opened up in a mountain right outside your faction capital. Make your way over and you can find someone waiting for you, willing to sell the land to a wayward adventurer... for the right price. If you give them 15,000 gold, they will leave this empty space to you, with a draft board and special hearthstone for free! Now you can get to making this new space your own.

Building your new House

First thing's first; you need materials. On the down side, you probably don't have them right now. On the plus side, they're simple to get. Every enemy you face will drop Housing Resources in addition to any gold you obtain. In addition, any extra currencies you have obtained over your adventure can be traded in at your faction's capitol for an appropriate amount of housing resources. With the new resources at hand it's time to set up your house.

Your draft board will let you do a variety of things. Most importantly is placing buildings. You have a variety of building options to chose from, including various building styles you've seen before and some new ones for your homestead. These buildings, though pre-made, can be placed anywhere on your plot and multiple can be placed as well, as long as you have the right amount of resources to spend. You can make a small town or simply place a barracks if you so choose.

In addition, you may decide to change the surroundings to better fit your preferences or theme. Green grass not your style? How about ice? Or tiles? The skybox looking to bright and cheery? You can replace it with the Icecrown one if you desire. You can also add decorations and furniture from the new collection tab from your draft board.


A new Home Tab is added to the Collections window. Here you can view all collected furniture and decorations you have obtained across Azeroth. While you do start off with some basic options, you may find you desire more unique items. These can be obtained from many sources. While new raids, dungeons, reputation vendors, and even achievements may grant you furniture, even old sources may have new stock to pick out. It is worth exploring to find these new items as you never know what you may find.

Generally speaking, raid clear achievements will grant you a trophy to hang up on your wall and tell the world what you have done. Onyxia's head could be mounted on your fireplace, or maybe Sulfuron can sit in your kitchen to remind you of your Firelands adventure. Even so, you may find you want to show off a set of armor or weapons you like. A mannequin for each race (that is poseable if you desire) and a weapon rack can be bought at the proper store. Outside you can set up pet houses and stable stalls to show off pets and mounts respectively. Even a pet arena can be set up where you can put pets to battle visitors. While you can decorate and design your living space as you desire, many amenities can not be placed, like a bank stall or auction house. After all, there needs to be some reason to go to the city.


Like your garrison, you can invite other players to hang out and admire your home. Simply select "Visit player's house" of the desired person in your party or raid while close to the home entrance. Players may also open their house to the public, where you can visit a sign outside the housing area to chose a home to visit.

Guild Bases

While your guild has fought against many foes together, you never had a base to call your own and operate from. Now you will have access to a space entirely for your guild.

Obtaining a Base of Operations

By going to the Guild Store in any city, your Guild Master will be able to talk to a new NPC who will offer a space for your guild for 100,000 gold from your guild bank. While pricey, this space is customizable and comes in several shape options and will offer various resources for your guild to use. You can talk to them at any time to change the base layout for a small fee.

Setting up your Base

Initially your base will be a bit barren, but your Guild Master can set up amenities to use, such as repair stations, guild vendors, profession areas, or even a bar to just hang out in. In addition, there are several unique features. You can add special pet battles that members of the guild can customize to their liking and set up quest boards help your guild level up.

Perks of the Base

Your guild will now be able to level up by doing the stuff you do naturally. Your Guild Leader can spend guild talents to add new perks to the existing ones, such as cheaper transmogrification, faster group summoning, or a daily free repair. While you can obtain all these perks, the order in which you get them is up to the Guild Master.

Guild Master's Office

The guild master will have a few extra perks in setting up the base and decorating it. Trophies of raids your guild has completed can be desplayed on the walls, and your guild master can even decorate their office with some of the furniture they have obtained. The office also acts as the center from where your guild master can customize the set up of the guild. A request box can also be placed outside the office to request certain changes from members.

Hero's Weapons

You've obtained many weapons through your adventures. From simple armaments to legendary artifacts, these weapons have served you well as you fought your enemies, but they were never truly yours. It is time to make weapons you can truly call your own.

A call from Azeroth

Azeroth has made some great steps to recovery, but she still has a long way to go. But she is still thankful for your help. As a reward, Azeroth grants you a large piece of Azerite. This is the base for your weapon. You will mold your sword, staff, axe, dagger, or whatever you desire from this stone and from there it will serve you as you fight your greatest enemies.

Your Weapon, your Way

Your first task; what kind of weapon do you desire? Though yes, you will be limited by your class and specialization's needs, you still can choose what you want to wield. A mage may desire a staff or a sword with a tome. A frost death knight can wield a pair of swords, or pair an axe with a mace. These choices are yours to decide.

From there your weapon needs a form. New appearances will be avaliable for these weapons, with unique class options, race options, and even faction options. Or you can chose from any appearance in your collections tab. Mix and match artifact appearances, wield a special weapon design you had grown accustomed to. You can change these at will at the forge you will use in your new order hall. Guardian and Feral druids may also tie one of their artifact appearances, plus more that they can earn, to the weapon should they desire. You can also add an illusion effect on top of the weapon.

After that you give your weapon a name. While a single great sword will be called simply by it's title, you can give paired weapons a name not only for the pair, but for the individual weapon if you desire as well. After that are the secondary stats. You can chose the two stats you wish to attach to this weapon.

This is your weapon. It will serve you well from here into the future. You can create one for each specialization or use the same one for all of them.

Obtaining Power

Like Artifacts and the Heart of Azeroth before them, your weapon will start off weak but gain power as you adventure. Various sources will provide artifact power to your weapons as before, including Azerite. However, this is shared between all weapons, even newly created ones. This power will be used to grant traits similar to artifact weapons. Three golden traits can be unlocked as well, but unlike artifacts, you are able to choose between five powerful options at each stop. You can re choose these golden traits at your order hall should you desire to change them.

Relics also return, with two kinds being available. First are minor relics. These are fairly common and grant item levels and an additional secondary stat (though this bonus is generally small compared to the stats already attached to your weapon naturally). Some may have two stats divided in smaller iterations or even provide tertiary stats like leech and avoidance. The second are Major relics. These are class specific and offer in addition to item levels to your weapon a bonus ability. Relics are shared among all weapons, and it is up to you to decide if you want to simply focus on one specialization or set up your relics to be as general as possible.

Inherited Powers

On the bottom of your weapon's talent tree, you will find three additional empty slots. These can not be filled in from leveling up or gaining artifact power. You must find them. As you explore, you will find special items that can drop from various sources, such as enemies, bosses, emissary chests and so on. These items will lead you on a quest, finding weapons, ancient artifacts, and more that you will learn from. Each one will grant you a power that you may equip to your weapon. Returning the Axe of Cenarius for example may grant your weapon the weight of wood and the strength of steel, increasing it's haste and critical strike. Or you may encounter a scale of Yu-lon, who infuses her breath into your weapon to grant it great healing. These powers will enhance your weapon along side the talents. Many of them exist, and you can set out to collect them all. These powers are also bind on account, so your alts may use them as well and not be left behind.

There are limits to when you can use them however. In Player vs Player situations, they will deactivate, and they can not be used in Mythic + runs or in the current raid tier. Elsewhere they are free to use and can add flavor to your weapon as you desire.


As with previous expansions, new reputation opportunities will open up to earn rewards as you quest through the Dragon Islands.

The New Orders

As the Alliance and Horde try to reorganize after the war, the class orders have come together once again. This time, each order has allied themselves with two orders, forming a grander army. Players will start at friendly with their class's order, but will be able to earn reputation with the other three. These orders act as the primary reputations for each zone. As in Legion, you will return to your hall to send followers out on missions (in a fashion more simmilar to Legion than Battle For Azeroth or Warlords of Dreanor) and to rework your weapon. Should you reach exalted with another one of the orders, you will gain the right to visit the order hall.

Defenders of Azeroth

  • Classes: Warrior, Hunter, Rogue
  • Hall: Halls of Valor

The Uncrowned watched over the troubling scene as the old gods moved out and settled in their new home. They realized soon they needed allies. Returning to the Broken Islands, they made a deal with the Unseen Path and Valarjar to fight the Old Gods, with Odyn even moving the Halls of Valor to a new location just outside the Dragon Islands. They have taken interest in the Ruby Fields.

Conclave of Magic

  • Classes: Mage, Priest, Warlock
  • Hall: Dalaran

The Tirisgarde continued to monitor the world, even as the war between the Alliance and Horde raged on. With the resurgence of the old gods, they turned to the two other orders that have had any exposure to the void; the Council of the Black Harvest and Conclave. Combining their magical resources, they have begun research into the secrets of the old gods from Dalaran having warped it close to the north side of the islands. As is natural, they have been drawn the the laylines in the Sapphire Archipelago.

Guardians of Nature

  • Classes: Druid, Shaman, Monk
  • Hall: Temple of the Five Dawns

The Cenarion Circle and Earthen Ring worked hard to heal Azeroth, forging a strong bond that would extend to their next adventure. While traveling to the Dragon Islands, they were assaulted by the old gods only to be saved by the Order of the Broken Temple. Together, they established a new order on the back of Shen-zin Su who has moved close to the islands. As per request of the Cenarion Circle, they have chose to focus on the Emerald Forest.

The New Ashen Verdict

  • Classes: Death Knight, Paladin, Demon Hunter
  • Hall: Acherus and Fel Hammer

Desperate times have caused the Ebon Blade to call upon the Silver Hand for assistance. Even though the two have had recent bloodshed, the fight to protect Azeroth would prove more important than their past feuds. The Illidari, seeing the similarities between them and the Death Knights, would join in as well even if the Paladins seem weary. The troubling signs of the Infinite Dragons have caught their attention in the Topaz Desert. The Ebon Blade has moved the Acherus close to the islands with the Fel Hammer warped in close by, connected by a bridge.

Assisting your order will be one third of your main campaign, along with directly fighting the Old Gods and bringing the factions together once and for all.

Healing Wounds

The fall out of the great war has left both factions reeling. The leaders of the Alliance and Horde realize that their feud has to be put aside for good for the sake of Azeroth. But with wounds that go deep, they won't heal very easily.

Your mission is to assist the other faction in hopes to bring an end to the fighting. To move forward, you will work to build reputation with the opposing faction. Alliance players will work on the Horde Emissary faction, while Horde players will do the same with Alliance Emissary. You will start off untrusted with this faction. World quests will not appear for this faction until you reach neutral, which can be done by doing the first steps towards the campaign. As you gain reputation, you will work to solve lingering issues between the two factions, such as Teldrassil and the Undercity.

Reputation gains for this faction are slower than others. But should you reach exalted, you will gain several perks; first you can start using mounts that are exclusive to the other faction. Second you gain access to an emissary mode. Like war mode, you can turn this on in your faction capitol. By choosing to do so, you will have access to the other faction's cities as and can understand their base language. However, all pvp options, even through group finder, will be deactivated as long as you have this mode on. In addition, you will still not be able to buy from faction exclusive reputation vendors or earn reputation with faction exclusive reputations.

Finally, reaching exalted will set your starting reputation on all alts to neutral, allowing them to jump into world quests for the opposite faction.

Other Reputations

Two additional reputations will be available at the start. First is the Obsidian Escort. Wrathion's personal group will focus mainly in the Onyx Wastes. Like the order factions, reputation will manly be gained in their respective zone. However, like the Nightfallen in Legion, the reputation will push forward the quest chain in the area.

In addition there is The Dragonborn. The natives of the islands who have taken care of the sacred lands. They are weary of outsiders but will give you the opportunity to prove yourself to face the Old God threat. Earning Exalted will grant you the opportunity to recruit them later on.