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About me

Hello everyone! I'm Teomyr, one of WoWWiki's Admins, and I'm trying to help the wiki whereever I can, though I'm rather inactive at the moment.

Teomyr is my Gnome Rogue on the German Kil'Jaeden Europe realm, and was my main char at the time I registered here. At the moment, his equip is really bad, since I mostly play my Human Priest or my Warlock on the same server.


The #wowwiki IRC channel is a nice place to hang out. Most of the Admins frequent that channel, always at your service.

I've started capturing all the funny quotes in my collection of #WoWWiki quotes, have fun :D

Test wiki

My test wiki is currently down, since there isn't much to test at the moment. It might be re-enabled at a later date, sorry for any inconvenience this might cause.