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The Demonic Dimension

(logo needed) It's been years since the heroes of Azeroth have ventured beyond their world. They have survived another world entirely, found new allies, and new enemies. Not only that, but they have taken the battle strait to the Lich King himself, and discovered new allies from the scourge itself. They have also made enemies allies with the complete destruction of their world. But never have they experienced a challenge like this. The heroes of Azeroth have forever battled the Burning Legion, protecting their home, challenging them in the Outland, but now in their own home world. This time the Burning Legion has the upper hand. The Horde and the Alliance have now ventured into a land in which chaos rules supreme. This time, those which we have feared have become our allies, in a battle in which they shall help succeed. This time, we shall venture, into the Demonic Dimension.

  • End Boss: Unknown (until I come up with an idea)
  • Level Cap: 95
  • New Hero Classes: Demon Hunter and Warden
  • New Caverns of Time: Beginning of Ner’Zhul
  • New profession: Rune Crafting
  • New Weapon Types: Warglaive, Moon Blade
  • New Races
  • New Items
  • New Lore
  • New World

Welcome to The Demonic Dimension

Demon Hunter


Must have one level 65 character Races: Alliance: Night Elf, Human; Horde: Blood Elf, Orc (will eventually move to other races)

Class Introduction

When the Burning Legion first arrived in Azeroth, the world shuddered. Only one truly saw the answer to their defeat. Illidan Stormrage. Once he was imprisoned, a group of elves followed his example. These warriors were known by one name. Demon hunters. These heroes sacrifice themselves for the protection of the world, wielding the power of Fire Darkness and Demonology. Led by the resurrected Illidan, the Demon Hunters, have brought their power to races of the world, allowing their armies to mass, empowering themselves. Now, with the power of such a hero in your hands, you must obey you oath, and protect your people against the Burning Legion, no matter the cost.

Starting Out

The player starts out in a tent, acting as an apprentice, studying a book about Demon Hunting, where the player gets their first quest. The player finds a part that they don't understand, and they go to their master. The master explains, then sends them on their finale mission (will have explanation) for their initiation. When they return, they find where their camp once was, now stands Shrine, and Demon Hunters. They player then experiences their initiation, and becomes a Demon Hunter. Afterwards, they go through a beginning, not entirely, but similar to a Death Knight. And, when all seems Calm, the Demon Hunter takes a turn that will change their life forever.

More coming soon!


Class introduction

For years, the Elves of Darnassus have made a pact to protect our world, by keeping its worst monsters held captive. However, upon the freedom of Illidan Stormrage, these mighty protectors have been shuned upon the races of Azeroth. However, led by the mighty Maiev Shadowsong, these warriors have once again risen, under the name...Warden. Controlling the power of Imprisonment, Torture, and Justice, the Warden have spread out their power to other races, empowering themselves, and preparing, for the finale battle, between man, and demon.

Starting out

The Warden starts in a prison cell, waiting for their time to come. However, Maive's second in command comes to you. They explain that the imprisoned you for a reason. That reason is that you are a great warrior, who made the wrong decision. They say tat you can redeem yourself by becoming a warden. During tis, Demons attack the prison, setting man free. You see the truth of your mistake, and so you take the offer. You are taught by Maive, who shows you the power of your class, and sends you on a mission that shall change your life forever.

More coming soon!

Beginning of Ner'Zhul


For years, heroes have been bestowed with the honor of keeping the past intact. However, the Infinite Dragonflight has a different plan. They wish to change a point in time that shall utterly destroy existence if it were to be changed.The wish to kill the creator of the Lich King...Ner'Zhul. Although some believe the dragonflight should do such a thing, to prevent the birth of the Lich King, others will protect the orc shaman to save the very fabric of time.

More coming soon!

Rune Crafting

Back story

Runes have been a major part of lore and history of Azeroth. However, they have yet to be a part of character life. The idea of this profession is that you turn stone into amazing runes, whose uses can differ from stone or rune. The prescribed profession combo is mining and rune crafting. To craft a rune, go to your teacher and learn the skills runeing, and binding. The runeing skill allows you fuse ore and rune dust (received from Rune Crafting supplier),and create a rune mark. The binding skill allows you to fuse a mark with a stone, and you will eventually have a rune. Runes can increase weapon or armor bonuses, such as engraving or runeforging. However, others can control the elements of fire, frost, nature, shadow, arcane, or holy. The will act as healing, a DOT, an AOE, etc. Others can increase a spell, like inscription.

More coming soon!

New Weapon Types

As I have noticed on my Death Knight, there aren't many runeblades, which is stated as the Death Knights most important weapon. Instead, a Death Knight runeforges any weapon he/she can use. What I expected was that every few quests that gave a weapon reward would have a runeblade. I was wrong, so I came up with this. every few quests will have a Warglaive, or a Moon Blade.


The Demon hunter has one major weapon in his arsenal: His Warglaive. The warglaive, like the Demon Hunter is fused with the soul of a Demon. In the starting area for the Demon hunter, it is explained how a warglaive is created, and how it works.

More coming soon!

Moon Blade

The Moon Blade is a warden's most important weapon. It shows as a marking of authority, and power. The Moon Blade is forged with the blood of a creature known as a Livian(a new creature), which coats the blade with an aura that empowers the Warden. Not only that, but the aura allows the weapon to split, becoming two one handed swords.

More Coming Soon!


The Demon home world holds more demons that we have seen so far. Creatures that we have seen before seem to resemble what we will find in this realm. Here are some examples.


The Dirtonis is a creature which has no personal form. Its power and form comes from the fear of its enemy. They not only take that form, but when close to death, they take a form of many creatures fused together. It is a dangerous Demon, and reproduces by splitting upon death. The body breaks and its soul splits and the two go wherever fear is most held.

More coming soon!


People who know me say I have a huge imagination. It's true. So, the new expansion brings in new lore that has been unheard of. This allows for new race, or class ideas. Anyways, here they are.

The Six Terrors

The Burning Legion has conquered many worlds, and has taken many slaves. From our world, they took 50 slaves. 6 of which escaped, and were the only who posed as a threat. How did they escape? They were not mortal. A curse from Azeroth was taken along with them. These creatures go by the name of Vampiric, Warwolf, Zombify, Mummufear, Ghostic, and Phantose.


Starting out as a simple Blood Elf, Vampiric was a lowly peasant, trying to feed and protect his younger sister, who was also enslaved. Vampiric was hunting one day when he was attacked by an unseen creature. Soon, he acted strange. A day after his attack, he and his sister were kidnapped by a a group of demons. During his imprisonment, he turned. he freed himself and his sister. However, they found themselves in the demon home world. This drove him mad, and he became the leader of the future Six Terrors.


Like any other Worgen, Warwolf was a simple human who was hit by the plague. However, Warwolf was one of the greatest soldiers in his army. He was a force that could and would not be stopped. That, with the strength of a Worgen, he truly became an unstoppable force. He was taken by the Burning Legion when his squadron was attacked. When he awoke, he found he was in the demon home world. Using his ungodly strength, he escaped, and helped Vampiric, which escaped with him. Warworlf is the strongest member of the Six terrors.


Venturing into then unreached land of outland, Mummafear was a human looking for new creatures to categorize for Azeroth. He almost collected every race, except for the mysterious being's known as Ethereals. As he was about to meet one, demons attacked. When he awoke, he was in a prison cell, dieing. The Ethereal he made contact with was with him. To keep Mummufear alive, he bonded the two together. The aftermath created the mummy like creature. With his new form, he escaped. Later, he gathered with the other terrors.

More coming soon!

New band

The most famous musicians in Azeroth and outland are the Level 80 Elite Tauren Chieften. However, they are not the only band these worlds have. Sig Nicious, the band's rhythm guitarist, had a little sister named Neona, whom he needed to take care of. Like vampiric, they were orphans. Sig eventually joined the band, and made enough money to keep Neona safe. However, she wanted to be with Sig and work in the band. However, the other band mates wouldn't let her in. So, she and Sig started her own band. This band is known as Kill Father. She is the lead guitarist, along with other members. This idea is based off a new fanart pic tat I found. To he or she who made it, congrats.Here is the Link to the art.

Kill Father


Sister to the famous guitarist, Sig Nicious, Neona lived with her brother in poverty. One day, she found a bard who was giving out free guitars, and lessons. She rushed to Sig and asked him to do it. He did so, and eventually made enough money to keep her safe, and soon joined The Level 80 E.T.C. She always wanted to be like him. The fellow band mates wouldn't allow her in. Instead, she and Sig began an entire band for her. She became the lead guitarist and singer. She and her band became the second greatest to exist.


Falia is an Alliance bard who never really had it out with her faction. On her travels one day, she found a flyer for Kill Father. Her audition for the bassist was the best that Sig and Neona saw. What makes Falia different from other bassists is that Sig got Mai'Kyl to help her practice. After a while, Falia became second best bassist to live. Falia is well renowned for her solo in the band's hit song "Resurrect".

More coming soon!


Frostmourne. This blade has been the bane of the Alliance, the Horde, and Life itself. Sargeras, the creator of the blade, had a brother. His name was Dirkin. Forever he lived in his brothers shadow. When Sargeras created the blade, Dirkin was inspired to create his own weapon. He did so. To receive his brothers acceptance, Dirkin bestowed the weapon upon his brother. The weapon was everything that Frostmourne wasn't. Due to this, Sargeras banished his brother from the world of titans. Because of this, Dirkin spent years perfecting Firemourne. After the years, Sargeras lost his mind, and fell to corruption. Dirkin saw this in him. So, he stole both the blades, and hid them upon Azeroth. With Frostmourne found. Dirkin has searched for a hero that shall wield his blade. And when such a hero is found, the hero shall fight their counterpart, the Lich King, and eventually save the world.

Here is an image as to what Flameourne's design could possibly be.