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WoW: Secrets of the Titans is a fan-made expansion concept.


The Titan War
Location: Uldu'arsh (main theatre), with battles in the Storm Peaks, Uldaman, Stonetalon, Uldum, the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, the Hinterlands, and the Grizzly Hills.
Outcome: Soon (TM)
  • Mob Titan Forces
    • Mob Uldu'arsh constructs
    • Mob Ulduar constructs
    • Mob Uldaman constructs
    • Mob Vale of Eternal Blossoms constructs
    • Mob Stonetalon constructs
Commanders and leaders






  • Mob IconSmall ZandalarTroll Male.gif Zul


  • Mob IconSmall Mantid.gif Xorven the Wise
  • Mob IconSmall Nerubian.gif Azul'shukar
  • Mob IconSmall QirajiEmperor.gif Kulzoth
Casualties and losses
Previous: War in the Broken Isles

The Legion's Defeat

Two years have passed since the campaign in the Broken Isles came to a close. The Burning Legion, led by Kil'jaeden, was pushed back to the Twisting Nether, and the world of Azeroth was saved. However, this came at a cost. Champions of both the Horde and the Alliance fell in battle, including Sylvanas Windrunner, Genn Greymane, and many other great heroes. Despite suffering immensely, both factions are willing to work together to rebuild a devastated Azeroth.

However, there is an ancient threat stirring deep underneath Azeroth, a threat that has finally returned: the forces of the titans. After Yogg-Saron was defeated in Ulduar, the Pantheon began to carefully study Azeroth, and eventually concluded that re-origination is now completely necessary, since the titans have forseen that the Old Gods will take back Azeroth by storm.

The Tremors of Azeroth

The titan watchers within Uldu'arsh received a signal from the Pantheon to bring all constructs back to the fortress immediately. Because of this, massive groups of titan constructs are pouring out of Ulduar, Uldaman, and all the titan facilities in Azeroth, including some that nobody knew existed before. Both the Alliance and the Horde are occupied by this, and have begun to push them back into their strongholds.

The Second Siege of Ulduar

After the Alliance and Horde pushed the titan constructs back into their strongholds, they sent the Explorer's League and Reliquary to investigate. Their conclusions were that there was a facility underneath Azeroth that must be attacked, and that the primary entrance to this facility was in Ulduar. Now, both factions are sending troops to take part in a second siege of Ulduar.

New Features

  • A new continent has been added: Uldu'arsh. Located underneath Azeroth's surface, the new content and all level 110-120 content may be accessed after completing the Second Siege of Ulduar scenario.
  • A new Lore collection has been added, allowing you to learn more about Azeroth's history and inhabitants.
  • All zones in Azeroth will have World Quests, much like the Broken Isles.
  • Scenarios are back! Running scenarios will give you Valor Points to upgrade items.

New Class: Tinker

With the increased knowledge of titan machinery being brought in from Uldu'arsh, members of both the Alliance and the Horde have decided to take up the use of technology in the field of battle. These tinkers utilize goblin or gnomish machinery to fight off their enemies.

Tinkers are capable of tanking, healing, and damage-dealing, and utilize a new resource called Heat. You have abilities that generate and spend Heat, but you don't want to have too much, otherwise your attack speed is slowed down.

New Continent: Uldu'arsh

Uldu'arsh is a titan facility that has existed underneath Azeroth's surface since the very beginning, and holds many great secrets of the titans. For max-level content, each of the zones within Uldu'arsh holds both PvE and PvP content to experience. Leveling Zones:

  • Neutral Terrace of Creation: The Terrace of Creation is where the Gate of the Makers is located, as well as the location of the bulk of the titans' forces. The Gate of the Makers is the only thing that stands between the forces of Azeroth and a new re-origination device.
  • Neutral Vault of the Ancients: The Vault of the Ancients possesses some of the most ancient pieces of titan equipment, with some pieces of equipment even predating the arrival of the Old Gods. Ancient constructs patrol these vaults to guard the machinery inside.
  • Neutral Zul'Kazzar: Although not part of Uldu'arsh, the ancient caves of Zul'Kazzar were connected to the facility when the Cataclysm devastated Azeroth. In these caves lie the remnants of the long-lost dark trolls, who are currently divided. While some of them have chosen to side with the Zandalari ambassadors, others have chosen to work with both their night elf cousins within the Alliance and their fellow trolls within the Horde, believing that the Zandalari are no good.
  • Neutral The Titanforge: The ancient Titanforge is where the stone-like races of Azeroth were shaped. The ancestors of the vrykul, dwarves, gnomes, and mogu all lie here, watching over the armaments of Uldu'arsh. However, the newly reunited Aqir Empire has made this area their target as they try to reclaim their ancient territories.
  • Neutral Valley of the Makers: The Valley of the Makers is a testing ground for the more bestial creatures of Azeroth, such as the ancestors of the pandaren and tauren. This ancient valley was once the jewel of Uldu'arsh, until the inhabitants of the valley decided to fight one-another, thus disturbing the balance seen in this land.
  • Neutral Karazharsh: Located underneath Deadwind Pass, Karazharsh is where the ley-lines of Azeroth all meet up, and because of this, magic is quite strong in this area. The Kirin Tor have sent troops to secure this area, but some of the magi sent to Karazharsh have defected and formed the Order of the Arcane, believing that with the power of the ley-lines, they can challenge the Kirin Tor's supremacy over magic.

New World Revamp

While the Alliance and Horde send troops into Uldu'arsh, the rest of Azeroth has to face it's own problems. All level 1-110 zones have been revamped to feature new storylines and content to experience.

  • Kalimdor: In the south, the newly reunited Aqir Empire is beginning to take back ancient territories belonging to the silithid, while the nothern regions are recovering from the Legion invasion. However, in Uldum, Alliance and Horde forces are fighting over the titan relics in the area.
  • Eastern Kingdoms: In Lordaeron, the Scourge forces have reunited under Kel'thuzad's banner, causing trouble for the Forsaken and the Argent Crusade. Meanwhile, in Stranglethorn, the remnants of the Iron Horde are regrouping and preparing to attack.
  • Outland: The Burning Legion forces in Outland have regrouped under the banner of Kael'thas's remaining forces, while the ogres in Blade's Edge, inspired by the Gorian Empire, have begun to reclaim their ancient territories.
  • Northrend: The titan forces in the Storm Peaks are the main concern in Northrend, but there are other conflicts going on: the remnants of the Scourge are regrouping like they are in Lordaeron, and the nerubians have broken away from the Lich King's grasp, seeking to reclaim Northrend in the name of the reformed Aqir Empire.
  • Pandaria: Titan constructs have begun to overrun the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, causing trouble for the Golden Lotus. The mantid have also renewed their war against the pandaren in the name of the new Aqir Empire, and both mogu and Zandalari forces are regrouping on the Isle of Thunder.
  • Draenor: The Pale have begun to rise up again, and seek to find the Old God that sleeps under Draenor, while the remnants of the Burning Legion forces on Draenor are seeking to take back their territory.
  • Broken Isles: The drogbar have begun to overrun the isles, and the vrykul are also beginning to take back their ancient territories.

Read more about the world revamp here.


New Battlegrounds

Valley of the Qiraji

The secrets of the aqir have attracted the interest of both the kaldorei and the tauren in this battleground, which functions like Strand of the Ancients.

Thunder Peak

In Pandaria, the ruins of the Throne of Thunder are now of interest to both the Reliquary, and the Explorer's League. This battleground functions like Arathi Basin, but by using siege vehicles, you can oust your enemies from their bases.

New World PvP System

While the Alliance and Horde are sending troops into Uldu'arsh, conflict goes on all across Azeroth, Outland, and Draenor. Several regions of the world, such as Uldum, the Hinterlands, and Grizzly Hills are marked as Warzones. Warzones offer massive-scale PvP battles that last for days at a time, and the winning faction receives rewards. There is always one Warzone that is active in the world.

In addition, by attacking enemy settlements, you can receive insignias that are used to purchase rewards, as well as being able to disrupt their progress in the current Warzone. Random PvP objectives can occur anywhere in the world, and will allow your faction to achieve dominance over the other. Read more about the new World PvP system here.

Dungeons and Raids

PvE Progression System

For PvE in Secrets of the Titans, it will combine elements of past forms of PvE progression. Here's how it goes:

  • You run dungeons, raids, scenarios, and world content for gear and [Valor].
  • [Valor] is used to purchase item upgrades for the gear you obtain, as well as gear itself. Valor gear isn't that good compared to raid gear, but looks nice and is useful for gearing up.
  • Mythic raids now support anywhere from 10-25 players, in order to allow for more players to experience the hardest content in the game.
  • Strategic Assaults return from Warlords of Draenor, and when combined with the World Quests added in Legion, allow you to obtain more and more [Valor].


Dungeons still have three difficulties: Normal, Heroic, and Mythic. Valor is obtained from killing bosses, but something new that has been added is the new Pick of the Week system. This system makes it so that every week, one select dungeon gives more [Valor] than the others, and is also capable of providing better gear. Here's a list of dungeons, which can be done at any level from 110-120:

  • Hall of the Shapers: These halls hold ancient machines used to create the titan constructs seen in Uldu'arsh, but the Aqir Empire seems to have staged an assault on this area.
  • The Heart of the Void: An ancient titan transporter within the Terrace of Creation has been corrupted by the Twilight's Hammer, causing shadowy creatures to come out of the transporter. If left unchecked, they will consume Azeroth, so you must venture into the transporter.
  • Chamber of the Watchers: This ancient chamber holds vast amounts of artifacts that could aid in stopping the re-origination of Azeroth, but the constructs within won't let you escape with them.
  • Aggramar's Colosseum: In a strange twist of fate, several titan watchers are allowing the forces of Azeroth to part with a powerful titan artifact if they best their champions in battle.
  • Kazzari Hold: This ancient temple has some disturbing information regarding the origins of the troll race-something that the Zandalari will definitely want.
  • Hir'eek's Sanctum: This ancient shrine, dedicated to the bat loa Hir'eek, has been overrun by titan constructs who seek to push the troll witch doctors there out of the Uldu'arsh complex.
  • The Assembly of Flame: This ancient forge is where the dwarves and gnomes were shaped, and now the forge must be invaded to stop the construction of more earthen and mechagnomes.
  • The Heatcore: The very heart of the Titanforge is a chamber that holds together captured fire elementals and elemental furies, but soon these fiery beings will break free.
  • Stonetotem Fortress: The Stonetotem Fortress is where the tauren were shaped, but now, their ancestors are seeking to turn the tide of the war against the pandaren.
  • Rockpaw Citadel: The ancestors of the pandaren have made this citadel their home, but are now resorting to new methods of defeating the tauren.
  • The Magicar: This fortress holds various magical artifacts, as well as many different spellbooks. However, the newly-formed Order of the Arcane is willing to destroy the constructs within to find this new knowledge.
  • Arcanus: The ancient stronghold of Arcanus is where the titan constructs of Karazharsh are coming from, and where an ancient titan artifact that is capable of absorbing magic is located.
  • Gnomeregan (Revamped): The ancient titan sanctum underneath the gnomish city of Gnomeregan has been revealed, and now the Alliance and Horde must invade it.
  • The Nexus (Revamped): A rogue group of blue dragons has aligned itself with the Order of the Arcane, offering their magical knowledge to the rogue wizards in exchange for a percentage of the arcane power obtained from Karazharsh.


With Mythic raids now supporting 10-25 players, raids are more flexible than ever.

  • Palace of the Mage Lords: This ancient citadel is located in the heart of Karazharsh, and holds the titan watchers that ensure that magic does not corrupt the residents of Azeroth. (9 bosses)
  • Catacombs of the Forgers: This ancient sanctum holds most of the titan relics in Uldu'arsh, and is heavily defended. (15 bosses)

PvE Instance Overview

See all of the PvE instances here.

Reputation Factions

Alliance Explorer's Expedition

  • Leader: Alliance IconSmall Brann.gif Brann Bronzebeard
  • With Uldu'arsh opening up to the rest of Azeroth, Brann Bronzebeard is leading the Explorer's League in the area. Their goal: to obtain as many titan artifacts as possible.

Alliance 7th Legion

  • Leader: Alliance IconSmall Human Male.gif Halford Wyrmbane
  • The 7th Legion, hardened by the war in the Broken Isles, is spearheading the Alliance's military operations in Uldu'arsh, as well as leading the conflicts against the Horde in various regions of Azeroth, even going as far as to butt heads with the Kor'kron Offensive several times.

Horde The Reliquary

  • Leader: Horde IconSmall BloodElf Male.png Belloc Brightblade
  • Belloc Brightblade is leading the Reliquary's forces in Uldu'arsh, so that the Horde can obtain and study the titan artifacts in the area.

Horde Kor'kron Offensive

  • Leader: Horde IconSmall Varok.gif Varok Saurfang
  • Although the Kor'kron Guard was disbanded following the Siege of Orgrimmar, Varok Saurfang rebuilt the Kor'kron, intending to return it to it's original goal of acting as the elite fighting force of the Horde. With all of the Horde's races included, the Kor'kron Offensive is the Horde's spearhead in Uldu'arsh, but is also fighting the Alliance in various regions of Azeroth.

Neutral Kirin Tor Vanguard

  • Leader: Neutral IconSmall Vargoth.gif Archmage Vargoth
  • With Karazharsh revealed to the rest of Azeroth, the Kirin Tor seek to seize control of the magical energies in the area. Led by Archmage Vargoth, the Kirin Tor Vanguard is dedicated to combatting the Order of the Arcane, as well as seizing control of the magical knowledge within Uldu'arsh.

Neutral Stonesteel Rebels

  • Leader: Neutral IconSmall EarthenNorth.gif King Ironhammer
  • The Stonesteel Rebels are a faction of earthen that broke away from the titans, and seek to fight alongside the mortal races of Azeroth.

Neutral Kazzari Tribe

  • Leader: Neutral IconSmall DarkTroll Male.gif Chieftain Jumoku
  • The Kazzari Tribe is the last remaining tribe of dark trolls, who live in the caverns of Zul'Kazzar. Recently, the increased amount of titan attacks has divided the tribe, with the Zandalari offering their aid to the dark trolls. While some of the Kazzari have chosen to side with their Zandalari cousins, the faction of dark trolls led by Chieftain Jumoku seek to retain their independence, and because of this, they have sided with the Alliance and the Horde.

Neutral Order of the Beastmasters

  • Leader: Neutral IconSmall Tauren Male.gif Beraak Keenhide
  • The Order of the Beastmasters is a union of tauren and pandaren, dedicated to stopping the conflict in the Valley of the Makers before it gets serious.

New Roleplaying Features

Roleplaying has always been a significant part of WoW, and Secrets of the Titans intends to expand upon RP. A new system will be added in which you can add character information without using an addon, and an RP tutorial will be available on RP and RP-PvP servers. In addition, cross-faction communication is allowed on RP and RP-PvP servers, but is disabled in instances.

Timewalking: Expanded

The Timewalking feature added in Warlords of Draenor is now expanded. You may queue for any low-level dungeon to help low-level characters, and you will receive rewards.

Significant Characters

  • Alliance IconSmall Brann.gif Brann Bronzebeard: With Uldu'arsh and it's immense amount of titan equipment revealed to the world, Brann Bronzebeard is determined to find and study the titan relics of Uldu'arsh.
  • Horde IconSmall BloodElf Male.png Belloc Brightblade: Belloc Brightblade believes that the Horde has an equal right to claim the titan relics of Uldu'arsh, and is leading the Reliquary in their mission.