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World of Warcraft: The Demonic Incursion is a fan-made WoW expansion that takes place on Argus.


After the Tomb of Sargeras was invaded and the demonic invasion of Azeroth was halted, peace returned to Azeroth. However, the New Shadow Council, an order of warlocks dedicated to using the Legion's power against itself, began to study the demonic powers that lied within the Tomb. Eventually, they discovered that they could create a portal to Argus from the Tomb, allowing the Alliance and Horde to invade.

New Race: Broken

Character classes
Main language
Starting zone

Shadowscar Village, Blade's Edge Mountains

Racial leader

Alliance IconSmall Nobundo.gif Nobundo
Horde IconSmall Broken Male.gif Battlemaster Zonaar

Racial mount

Just before the portal to Argus opened up, a faction of Broken Draenei known as the Shadowscar Tribe lived on a small island off the coast of the Blade's Edge Mountains, that was floating around in Outland for years. There, they lived in isolation, but were unaware of the fact that an artifact of interest to the Legion was located underneath their home. When Legion agents attacked, they fought them off, but Alliance and Horde forces managed to save them and help them out. Afterwards, the Shadowscar Broken decided to join up with the Alliance and Horde, with Farseer Nobundo leading the Alliance Broken, who believe that they should join up with their fellow draenei, and Battlemaster Zonaar, a Broken military leader, leads the Broken who choose to side with the Horde, as they believe that they have much in common with the Horde's races.


  • Primal Instincts: Tap into the fel energies that fill your body, increasing versatility by an amount that scales by level for ten seconds. (2 min cooldown)
  • Path of the Krokul: Your attacks have a chance to reduce the cooldowns of all your abilities by two seconds. This effect can only occur once every 30 seconds.
  • Runeweaver: Inscription skill increased by 10.
  • Power of the Naaru: Mastery increased by an amount that scales by level.

New Planet: Argus

Level: 110-120



Neutral Mac'Aree
Alliance & Horde Flameshadow Citadel


Argus is a planet controlled by the Legion, where demons reign supreme. Zones can be done in any order, but Mac'Aree and the Isle of the Eredar Lords are reserved for max-level content.

  • Assault on the Flameshadow Citadel: This starting experience has you turn the Legion citadel that holds the portal back to Azeroth into a city, where you can access portals to the other zones on Argus.
  • Felfire Valley: The Felfire Valley is west of the Flameshadow Citadel, and holds powerful machines that channel demonic energies to power the shield surrounding Mac'Aree.
  • Shadow's Edge Jungle: The Shadow's Edge Jungle is where the savage Felhounds reign supreme, along with other beastlike demons. Hakkar the Houndmaster seems to have returned, and watches over the jungle from his fortress.
  • The Voidscar: Unlike the other regions of Argus, the Voidscar is unique in that it is controlled by members of the eredar race that follow a different power: they seem to worship an Old God that sleeps underneath Argus, and believe that he can aid the champions of Azeroth in fighting the Legion.
  • The Demonforge: The Demonforge is the home of the Mo'arg. Here Mo'arg engineers take Legion prisoners and attempt to transform them into demons.
  • Nathrezar: Nathrezar is the home of the dreadlords, or nathrezim. The Citadel of the Legion, a massive prison that holds the enemies of the Legion, is located here.
  • Lightbreaker Basin: The Lightbreaker Basin holds the bulk of the Burning Legion army, and holds gateways to other worlds to conquer.
  • Dreadflame Mountains: The Dreadflame Mountains are the home of the annhilan species, and hold the Legion's warlock training grounds.
  • Mac'Aree (Level 120 PvE): The city of Mac'Aree was once the jewel of eredar civilization, but has since become the headquarters of the Burning Legion. In the center of the city lies the Felspire: a massive fortress that towers over the rest of Argus, reminding it's residents that the Legion reigns supreme.
  • Isle of the Eredar Lords (120 PvP): The Isle of the Eredar Lords once held a sacred eredar temple, but was abandoned once the Legion arrive on Argus. However, both Alliance and Horde seek to take the secrets within the titan facility under the eredar temple. The PvP content on the isle rotates between two phases: the Battle Phase, where you fight to take over the eredar temple on the island, and the Reconstruction Phase, where you gather resources to prepare for the next attack/defense.

New Features

  • Scenarios are back! Running Scenarios will allow you to earn [Justice Points] and [Valor Points] points to buy items and item upgrades, and Heroic/Mythic dungeons, as well as raids, will also allow you to obtain these currencies.
  • A new World PvP system has been introduced. Killing every faction leader will award you with a Champion's Strongbox, and attacking enemy settlements will award you with insignias that are used to purchase special rewards.
  • Guild fortresses have been added. Build up your guild fortress, and you will receive perks for your guild.
  • A new Lore collection has been added to the Collections tab. By collecting scrolls from all across Azeroth, you can find out what's going on in the lore. Scrolls can be obtained from quests, mobs, dungeons, raids, scenarios, battlegrounds, PvP zones, arenas, and other sources.
  • The talent system has returned to what it was pre-MoP.
  • Each class now has a fourth spec (3rd for Demon Hunters).
    • Death Knights gain the Necromancer spec, a ranged DPS spec that relies on casting Shadow and Frost spells while utilizing pets.
    • Demon Hunters get the Felstalker spec, a melee DPS spec that utilizes stealth to eliminate it's opponents.
    • Druids don't get a fourth spec.
    • Hunters get the Gunslinger spec, a tanking spec that relies on explosives and pistols to safeguard it's allies.
    • Mages get the Spellbreaker spec, a tanking spec that absorbs the attacks of it's enemies to defend itself.
    • Monks get the Chimancer spec, a spellcasting spec that fires pure Chi energy at it's enemies.
    • Paladins get the Vindicator spec, a melee spec that dual-wields melee weapons to eliminate it's foes.
    • Priests get the Divine spec, a spellcasting spec that utilizes pure Holy magic to smite it's foes.
    • Rogues get the Brawler spec, a tanking spec that relies on dodging attacks and confusing enemies.
    • Shamans get the Geomancer spec, a tanking spec that utilizes earth magic to reduce damage taken, along with elemental pets.
    • Warlocks get the Shadowsoul spec, a healing spec that relies on torturing enemies to improve the power of the warlock's allies, along with allowing demon pets to help heal.
    • Warriors get the Blademaster spec, a melee spec that can wield either a two-handed weapon or two one-handers to eliminate enemies through agility and cunning.
  • Random world events have expanded to the whole of Azeroth, Outland, Draenor, and Argus, not just the Broken Isles.


New Instances


Dungeons can now be done in any order, and have three difficulties: Normal, Heroic, and Mythic. All three difficulties award [Justice Points] for killing bosses, and [Valor Points] for completing the dungeon itself, but Valor can only be acquired at level 120.

  • Shadowmaul Hold: Shadowmaul Hold is the home of the Shadowmaul eredar, an order of powerful warlocks.
  • The Doomspire: The Doomspire is a massive Legion construct that, once finished being constructed, will be capable of annihilating Flameshadow Citadel.
  • Hakk'arsh: Hakk'arsh is a Legion fortress within the Shadow's Edge Jungle that holds some of the Houndmaster's favorite minions.
  • Sanctum of the Eredar: The Sanctum of the Eredar holds ancient secrets related to the origins of the eredar.
  • Voidmashar: Voidmashar is a fortress controlled by Legion warlocks who seek to cut off the shadow energies flowing to the Voidscar.
  • The Demonvault: Located underneath the Voidscar, the Demonvault holds some of the Legion's darkest secrets.
  • Felsteel Foundry: The Felsteel Foundry is where the bulk of the Burning Legion's technology is developed.
  • Pit of Darkness: Within the Pit of Darkness, Legion prisoners are transformed into demons.
  • Varimathras's Lair: The lair of the dreadlord Varimathras may hold some truths about the Wrathgate and the Battle for the Undercity.
  • Court of Souls: Within the Court of Souls, certain prisoners are transferred from the Citadel of the Legion to be tortured by the dreadlords.
  • Xoroth: The Legion planet of Xoroth can be attacked from Argus, effectively preventing supplies and troops from travelling between the two worlds.
  • Zarnash: Another Legion world can be attacked from Argus: Zarnash, a world known for holding plenty of demonic troops.
  • Mannoroth's Lair: The great pit lord known as Mannoroth kept many secrets within his lair.
  • Throne of the Destructor: The home of the pit lords is quite an impressive fortress.
  • Zul'Farrak (revamped): After the Zandalari failed in Pandaria, the Farraki Trolls began to search for a new way to bring back their former glory, and with the help of the Burning Legion, their home is now a gateway to Argus, where demonic forces work alongside the Farraki trolls to send reinforcements to Argus.
  • Gnomeregan (revamped): After the city of Gnomeregan was reclaimed, further fighting revealed the source of the trogg invasion: a titan complex underneath Gnomeregan held an entire trogg army, and now both gnomish forces and the Shattered Hand assassins of the Horde work to eliminate the invaders while salvaging titan equipment.
  • Wailing Caverns (revamped): Although the Emerald Nightmare was invaded during the war in the Broken Isles, several druids made their way to the caverns to create a new order of serpent druids dedicated to following the Old Gods and their ways.


Raiding still has the four major difficulties: LFR, Normal, Heroic, and Mythic. However, Mythic raiding now supports anywhere from 10 to 25 players, allowing you to raid with more or less people. Each difficulty of raiding awards [Justice Points] for killing bosses, and [Valor Points] for completing the actual raid.

  • Houndmaster Hold: The fortress of Hakkar the Houndmaster holds his finest demonic minions. (Nine bosses)
  • Citadel of the Legion: The Citadel of the Legion holds the Burning Legion's prisoners, whether they be powerful foes or former servants. (14 bosses)
  • The Felforge: The Felforge is where the Mo'arg conduct most of their demon transforming, along with the development of machinery to be used against Azeroth and beyond. (16 bosses)

Reputation Factions

  • Alliance Wrynn's Fist
    • Leader: Alliance IconSmall Anduin.gif Anduin Wrynn
    • Wrynn's Fist is the Alliance's expedition into Argus, with four subfactions: the Lion's Vanguard, the Shadowsong Assault, the Wildhammer Front, and the Fist of Argus. Led by King Anduin Wrynn himself, they seek to eliminate the Legion at all costs.
      • Alliance Lion's Vanguard
        • Leader: Alliance IconSmall Human Female.gif Highlord Tremblade
        • The Lion's Vanguard is an army of Alliance soldiers handpicked by Anduin Wrynn to fight the enemies of the Alliance, wherever they may be located. Led by Highlord Tremblade, the Lion's Vanguard will not rest until Argus is free of demonic control.
      • Alliance Shadowsong Assault
        • Leader: Alliance IconSmall NightElf Male.gif Jarod Shadowsong
        • The night elves have always possessed a deep hatred for the Legion and it's demonic armies. However, with Argus being invaded, the kaldorei see the time to strike at the heart of the Legion as now. Led by the legendary Jarod Shadowsong, the Shadowsong Assault is dedicated to achieving vengeance for those who fell in the War of the Ancients, the Third War, and all wars that involved the Legion and the kaldorei.
      • Alliance Wildhammer Front
        • Leader: Alliance IconSmall Kurdran.gif Kurdran Wildhammer
        • The Wildhammer Front is a dwarven army led by Kurdran Wildhammer, who seeks vengeance for those who fell during the War in Outland. Their goal in Argus is to act as scouts and soldiers for the Alliance army as they march on Mac'Aree.
      • Alliance Fist of Argus
        • Leader: Alliance IconSmall Draenei Female.gif Yrel
        • The draenei, once known as eredar, have lived in fear of being found and defeated by the Legion for years, with their homeworld, Argus, having become a demonic stronghold. Now, they believe that it's time to take back their home. Led by Yrel, the Fist of Argus is dedicated to taking back what rightfully belongs to the draenei people.
  • Horde Hand of the Warchief
    • Leader: Horde IconSmall Vol'jin.gif Vol'jin
    • The Hand of the Warchief is the Horde's expedition into Argus, made up of four subfactions: the Kor'kron Offensive, the Blightcaller Onslaught, the Reliquary, and the Bilgewater Expedition. Led by Warchief Vol'jin, they work alongside the Alliance to eliminate the Legion.
      • Horde Kor'kron Offensive
        • Leader: Horde IconSmall Varok.gif Varok Saurfang
        • Although the Kor'kron Guard was disbanded following the Siege of Orgrimmar, Varok Saurfang rebuilt the Kor'kron, intending to continue it's original goal of acting as the elite warriors of the Horde. The Kor'kron now spearhead the Horde expedition into Argus, and are made up of orcs, tauren, trolls, Forsaken, blood elves, goblins, pandaren, and now Broken.
      • Horde Blightcaller Onslaught
        • Leader: Horde IconSmall Undead Male.gif Nathanos Blightcaller
        • The death of Sylvanas Windrunner at the hands of Varimathras hit the Forsaken hard. However, Nathanos Blightcaller, once the leader of the Undercity's rangers, now leads the Forsaken, and has not forgotten the defiance of the Legion. He now leads a Forsaken offensive into Argus to kill Varimathras.
      • Horde The Reliquary
        • Leader: Horde IconSmall BloodElf Male.png Belloc Brightblade
        • The planet of Argus is said to hold ancient titan relics, as well as powerful eredar relics held by the Legion. Belloc Brightblade, leader of the Reliquary, believes that now is the time to take the titan and demon artifacts, so that they may be used in the war against the Legion.
      • Horde Bilgewater Expedition
        • Leader: Horde IconSmall Goblin Male.gif Commander Molotov
        • When the portal to Argus first opened up, Trade Prince Gallywix expressed interest in utilizing the demonic artifacts on the isle. Thus he sent the Bilgewater Expedition to find and modify Legion artifacts.