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Played Warcraft since Warcraft 1; love the lore and am a part of the Scrolls of Lore community.

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Game Master of the Great War of Lordaeron, a collective roleplaying project on the forum that has been ongoing every week for four years and has its own board game and wiki. Available at:

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Favourite Characters

How can you argue with this guy's voice and lines? Not to foreget his striking armour and appearance.

The guy who tackled an army of Dragonspawn single handedly. Stormwind racial leader pre-Wrath. Deserves some respect for that.

Lord of the Illidari blood elven demon hunters, truly awe inspiring.

Back in the day, the highest ranking high elven NPC in Azeroth, and even during Burning Crusade, one of the few high elves worth his salt, despite being a rare mob.

Release your rage!

The most powerful mortal warlock ever to exist will not be denied...

A Highborne warlock in the Shadow Council. Pretty cool if you ask me.

He's got an iron attitude and some pretty cool history back in the War of the Shifting Sands. Not every hero has to be a pansy.

Farmer, guard, captain, death knight.

The enigma; forgotten, or lying in wait?

Unsung traitor. The great agent of the Legion. Kil'jaeden's eyes and ears.

A voice and style unmatched.

Demonic elf guard captain with a certain grace.

Big, mean, badass. Opened the Dark Portal for the Burning Crusade. Archimonde's bitch.

Take this ye bastards!

Creepy, immortal legacy of the ancient times, feeding off of a huge, imprisoned demon. Keeper of secrets.

First Sunking of the Quel'Dorei. That's enough for me.

Gul'dan successor.

Back in the Frozen Throne anyway.

You cute, racist bastard, you.

Alliance fanatic high elf. Suits me fine.

Thank you to Aeleas for creating the Warcraft 3 campaign the Last Druid, which inspired my writing.