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NeutralAnukin Elderblade
Image of Anukin Elderblade
Title Of the Argent Crusade, the Argent Champion, Oracle
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Paladin, Templar, Vindicator
Affiliation(s) Argent Crusade (favors Alliance), Argent Dawn, Knights of the Silver Hand
Occupation Champion of the Argent Crusade
Location Light's Hope Chapel, Eastern Plaguelands
Status Alive
Mentor(s) Ironken
Alignment Lawful good

Darion Mograine: "You are too quick to jump to conclusions."

Anukin: "Me? YOU were the one who nearly chopped my head off the moment you saw me!"

Anukin Elderblade, is a champion of the Argent Crusade, under the command of Highlord Tirion Fordring... and yes, he is named after Anakin Skywalker. I was feeling stupid when I did that...

User:Toran Wildpaw of the Frenzyheart/Anukin/Early Adventures

New Beginnings

Coming to Outland, only to go back

Anukin was incredibly far in his career; he had destroyed the Defias Brotherhood, brought hope to the people of Duskwood, put an end to the Scarlet Crusade, destroyed many of the Scourge in the Plaguelands, and had become a champion of the Argent Dawn. However, he had a new mission: out to the Outland. The Argent Dawn wanted to create greater ties to the Alliance, so they had decided to send Anukin there to act as the Dawn's envoy. He was somewhat hesitant at first, seeing as how the undead still had a presence in the Plaguelands. Maxwell Tyrosus assured him that they would get along fine without them; Anukin was a nice asset, but they could handle the Scourge for the time being. Anukin, feeling reassured, then flew to Nethergarde Keep, as that was closest to the Dark Portal. He then rode through the Portal, and talked to the leader of the Alliance forces on the other side, which was called the "Stair of Destiny". Both the Alliance and the Horde were fighting off Burning Legion forces that were attempting to re-gain control over the Portal. He talked to the flightmaster, and then swiftly flew to Honor Hold, the Alliance Expedition's main base of operations during the The Invasion of Draenor. He then met someone who he thought was very long dead - Danath Trollbane, a person who had led the armies of Stromgarde in the final fight for Khaz Modan, and also was a major leader of the Alliance Expedition. Anukin could not believe his eyes, and blinked several times to make sure what he was seeing was real. Danath wasn't surprised, as many other Stormwind soldiers had done the same. He told Anukin what he saw was real, and then told Anukin to report to Lieutenant Amadi. Danath also told him that there were rumors going around of a new, stronger, and fiercer type of orc. He then ran to the ruined tower Amadi resided in, and spoke with her. She had said something about "Fel orcs". Perhaps these were the orcs Danath had spoken of?

She then told him to go north, and slay orcs of the Bonechewer clan. She had also said that "for although these orcs are the lesser of the fel orc clans, their strength is the match of any green-skinned orc we've faced thus far." An orc that wasn't green? Anukin thought she was insane. Next thing you know, there'd be trolls without tusks!

Anukin ventured off to slay the orcs, but was suddenly intercepted by a messenger wearing the tabard of the Dawn. The messenger said that Anukin was to return to Light's Hope Chapel immediately. Anukin was curious about the sudden call back to Azeroth, but went back regardless.

After sometime from the large amount of flying from various cities and walking, Anukin finally found himself in Light's Hope, only to see a large number of Defenders of the Light preparing for battle. Anukin immediately questioned Maxwell Tyrosus as to what was going on, but Maxwell only replied by pointing towards the massive amount of Scourge forces. Anukin got the picture, and readied his weapon. The undead then fell upon them like a swarm, biting, clawing, and ripping. Anukin put down many of them with his large hammer, but they simply kept coming.

Eventually, after smashing his way through a great deal of undead, Anukin came face to face with Battlelord Velenkayn. They met eachother blow for blow; Anukin's hammer slammed Velenkayn in the side, Velenkayn's axe bit the flesh of Anukin's shoulder, and so on and so forth. This battle between the two dragged on, until eventually, Highlord Tirion Fordring appeared, destroying the undead. The Lich King himself appeared, and admitted that he had sent the Death Knights to their doom. Darion Mograine, the Highlord of the Death Knights, is enraged, and strikes at the Lich King, only to be slapped aside, as if he was no more then a mere fly. He then begins to choke Tirion with his dark powers, blasting away all who attempted to stop him, including Anukin. Darion then threw the Ashbringer to Tirion, and it was then cleansed, before Tirion leapt at the Lich King and hit him with the blade, injuring him. The Lich King then teleports back to Northrend, and the Death Knights, including Velenkayn, are severed from his grasp. Anukin breathes a sigh of relief - the Battle of Light's Hope was over.