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My freedom is my own. You can give me orders, give me missions, but if you think for even a moment that you own me...Sunwell have mercy on your soul.

-Master Huntsman Lu'Gosh, to Ordevaas Portalseeker
Image of Lu'Gosh
Title Master Huntsman (proclaimed by Hemet Nesingwary Jr.)
Gender Male
Race Blood elf (Humanoid)
Class Hunter, Gladiator (RPG)
Affiliation(s) Himself above all
The Horde
Kingdom of Quel'Thalas
House of Whitehair
Formerly the Anastarian Brigade (brief team) and the Violet Militia
Occupation Soldier of the Whitehair House Guard
Location Silvermoon City
Status Alive and deadly
Relative(s) Unknown (amnesia makes it impossible to say)
Mentor(s) Areinnye Scourgebane
Alignment Chaotic neutral, originally Neutral good

Master Huntsman Lu'Gosh is a blood elf hunter with amnesia, not remembering his own name. He has performed many large feats, such as taking down a great assortment of hard-to-kill beasts and aiding the Revantusk tribe in destroying the troll city of Jintha'Alor.

A Start

Little to nothing is known of Lu'Gosh's past. The earliest back he can remember is only when he suddenly woke up from unconciousness upon the shores of Durotar, his head throbbing and no memories in his head at all. He then battled a scorpid, oddly enough possessing advanced combat skills. He had wandered around for a short time, before being found by a couple of orcs. They gave him the title "Lu'Gosh", or "Spirit Wolf", in slight recognition of his combat skills that were almost as impressive as Varian Wrynn, who was originally Lo'Gosh. After killing the scorpid, he made his way towards the Brewfest festival being held nearby. Here, he met Vomher Wyrmcurse, someone who would later become a trusted friend (and even later after, a harsh enemy). Vomher was mildly annoyed with the hunter (being the insane mage he is), but tolerated his presence.

Vomher, seeing that Lu'Gosh wouldn't leave him alone anytime soon, ended up introducing him to a troll named Glarrglarr (in recent times, Glarrglarr has begun calling himself Glarr'jin), who was also a mage of the Kirin Tor. Lu'Gosh inquiried if either of them could help him with his case of amnesia, a task they both thought was out of their hands. However, being the pain-loving duo they are, they "agreed" to aid Lu'Gosh in recovering his idenity. They started with their "journey" pretty low...

To the Arena!

Glarrglarr and Vomher took Lu'Gosh to one of the goblin arena-masters in Orgrimmar, basically shoving him through a portal to the arena in Nagrand. The hunter was rather skeptical, but thought that the two were genuine, and dismissed the warning in his mind. The two mages drew straws to decide who would be Lu'Gosh's arena partner. It was decided that the troll would aid Lu'Gosh in the battle, so he hopped down from the stands to the hunter's side.

The two then faced a couple of undead, one a warrior and the other a priest. Lu'Gosh easily dispatched the priest with his superior archery skills, but the two had some trouble with the warrior. He mainly fought in melee combat, while both of them were ranged attackers. Lu'Gosh, thinking of a way to bypass this, placed a [Freezing Trap] on the ground, and lured the warrior over to it. The undead, not paying attention to the ground, was quickly frozen, and the pair unleashed all hell on him. Glarrglarr hit him mainly with destructive fire spells, melting away the ice, while Lu'Gosh attacked with many different types of arrows, ranging from the simple but deadly snake venom-covered to the wallop-packing arcane shots.

Within moments, the undead fell to the ground, and the pair basked in victory. After returning through a portal to Orgrimmar, Glarrglarr departed, taking with him his share of the money the three of them had earned. Vomher then suggested going to Westfall next. Though the Defias Brotherhood had already mostly been cleared out by a paladin of the name Saavedro, the mage said that the Kirin Tor had tasked him with observing the land. Lu'Gosh quickly agreed, and off they went.

Death and Rebirth

Lu'Gosh and Vomher traveled outside Orgrimmar to the zeppelin tower, and they took the zeppelin to Grom'gol Base Camp in Stranglethorn Vale. While on the zeppelin, Vomher offered Lu'Gosh a position in the newly found divison of the Kirin Tor known as the Violet Militia, or "group of purple-wearing peasants with swords and armor", as Lu'Gosh often jokingly called it. The hunter agreed, and so later he could often be found wearing the colors of the Kirin Tor.

After the zeppelin finally arrived at Grom'gol, Lu'Gosh was somewhat skeptical about how they were supposed to get to Westfall from there. After looking at a map, he deciphered that there were two ways to go; they could either swim to the coast of Westfall ("And get eaten by murlocs" Vomher muttered), or they could brave the jungle and run through, to Duskwood, where they would then follow the road into Westfall. Both paths were dangerous and somewhat suicidal for them, but the insane mage preferred land to water, so through the jungle they went. Eventually, after slicing, slashing, and shooting at tigers, jaguars, wolves, spiders, and a few Alliance guards who didn't bother to ask questions, they had made their way to the border that lay between Westfall and Duskwood. Vomher then threatened to kill Lu'Gosh, for some jokes he made that had offended him. Fearful for his life, the hunter ran as fast as he could towards Moonbrook, as the town was abandoned and would serve as an excellent hiding spot.

Fate proved to have other plans, however. After running up into one of the broken-down houses, Vomher ran into the town, burning many of the buildings down with his fire spells. After finally finding Lu'Gosh, Vomher shackled his feet in ice, and then began bluttering nonsense. The hunter, getting somewhat bored of Vomher's babbling insanity, told him to just kill him already. Vomher, eager to bring death to the one who offended him, made the hunter burst into flames, before teleporting off to Dalaran. Lu'Gosh, having burnt to death, now simply laid there, little more then a crisp. However, a shady individual who never gave his name, walked out of the shadows and resurrected him, saying only that he "shall not die yet". The figure then disappeared.

Lu'Gosh shortly awakened, gaping at how he still lived. The hunter nonetheless returned to Silvermoon City sometime later, to confront Vomher. After finding said mage, he slapped him across the face, yelling at him about how he could could let such a thing as insults get to him in such a way. The insane mage then unexpectedly began to sob, yelling out gibberish. Lu'Gosh sighed a little bit, and told Vomher that perhaps he should not be so quick to judge Vomher, due to his insanity and inability to control himself. The amnesia-stricken hunter then said that if the mage wanted to prove him right, he should come with him and battle the trolls of Zul'farrak. The mage agreed, eager for redemption, and they set off for Tanaris.

Corruption, Salvation, and an Invitation

After arriving on a boat to Steemwheedle port, the pair imemmediately headed towards the troll ruins. Eventually, when they arrived, they arrived, they found the place was infested with trolls, and immediately began taking them down. Lu'Gosh, calling his black (originally white, according to him) lion to him, slashed and shot through all of the trolls he could, while Vomher kept blasting them with fire and the arcane. The two did not get far before needing to turn back, as the tides were slowly turning against them. However, the hunter had managed to garner some treasure- two swords, in particular. The swords "called" to Lu'Gosh, and he had a feeling inside him that he should put the two swords together. As he did so, the swords merged, becoming one larger, greater sword. The hunter quickly covered the sword, saying that it "wasn't ready".

Later, the two mainly just lounged around in Silvermoon. However, Lu'Gosh was begining to become far more cruel, mean and stuck-up then usual. Vomher began to dislike him, and they often argued, sometimes over stupid things, and other times over more serious things. The source of this unsual behaviour of Lu'Gosh was eventually uncovered to be the same blade that the two had uncovered in Zul'farrak, when the sword finally possessed the hunter, and then forced him to attempt to kill Vomher and their friend, Keldea. With the help of a former Blood Knight by the name of Allithen, they took the sword from Lu'Gosh, and attempted to cleanse it. However, it acted as an "anti-Ashbringer", absorbing Keldea and Allithen's holy blasts at it and turning them into more powerful darkness. Allithen took the sword, and has been tinkering with it since.

Lu'Gosh, during his brooding at the Bulwark.

Lu'Gosh, finally free from the sword, had since become his regular self again. But, due to how he had acted when he was corrupted and eventually possessed by the sword, most of the populace of the Horde now detested him, despite his many attempts to convince them that he was no longer the horrible man that was corrupted by the sword. After finally giving up his attempts to convince his bretheren otherwise, Lu'Gosh traveled to the Bulwark, right on the border between the Western Plaguelands and Tirisfal Glades, and began brooding about his disposition. To vent his anger, he marched out into the Plaguelands, carving a large path of destruction through the plagued animals. Unexpectedly, he heard clapping behind him. A blood elf paladin, by the name of Ordevaas Portalseeker had seen his great combat abilities, and admired them. He made a proposition to Lu'Gosh, saying that despite all the gossip and propaganda going around, he would find his place with the House of Whitehair. Interested in this offer, Lu'Gosh traveled to Silvermoon to join. Taeril'hane Ketiron, the commander of the Whitehair House Guard, ran a major backround check, but found nothing to incriminate him (except his attempted attack on Vomher and Keldea, though he was possessed at the time and had no control over himself), and welcomed him to the House Guard.

Master Huntsman

Though Lu'Gosh had half-wanted to undergo a mission to help stamp out the House's enemies (especially Joshmaul, who he had heard from Ketiron was the House's sworn enemy), he felt that attempting to do such a thing in the position that he was was useless. He was in one of the lower ranks of the Guard (though Ordevaas had admired his combat skills, he did not seem to think they were enough to get him very high up in the chain), had little authority over any of the others, and many people within the Horde still detested him.

Even then, if he had the manpower and commanding position necessary, he doubted heavily that he could put even a scratch on the warlock. Joshmaul had six different factions all on his tail, and all that did little to hinder him (save his somewhat untimely death by the hands of Artimus Devaneaux, but even then he had managed to come back to life). If they could not do much, what made the hunter think he could?

After a long debate with himself, Lu'Gosh finally decided that he would need to take baby steps. First, he would need to re-build his reputation within the Horde, and then do enough deeds for rumors to eventually go around, and then perhaps be promoted to a higher standing within the House, so that he could better aid his new masters.

Lu'Gosh standing with another favorite companion of his.

Now determind to set his plan into motion, the hunter set for Grom'Gol Base Camp. He was commanded by the leader of the camp to hunt down and kill the nearby raptors that had been a thorn in the Camp's side. After dealing with the raptors, he trecked through the jungle, until Lu'Gosh met face-to-face with Hemet Nesingwary Jr., son of the hunter-extroardinare. Nesingwary and the other residents of the small camp challenged Lu'Gosh to hunt down many of the different animales within the Vale.

After tracking down and eliminating panthers, raptors, tigers, and searching the jungle for pages of the Green Hills of Stranglethorn, the hunter came to the last of the game in the forest: King Bangalash. The white tiger had eluded Nesingwary for sometime now; according to the dwarf, Bangalash had injured him several times and forced him to go crawling back to the Expedition. Lu'Gosh however, who was intent on the success of his plan, would not give up as Nesingwary had.

The hunter had different intentions then killing the beast though; he WAS a hunter after all. Hunters were known to tame an animal, and that animal would become their guardian, and to certain extents, a friend. Not only would this tiger be a fierce guardian, it would (hopefully) be loyal to the one who had decided to care for it.

So, Lu'Gosh began taming the creature as soon as he had seen it. The beast thrashed, clawed, and bit, but eventually it saw that the hunter would not harm him. Not quite understanding this, the tiger sniffed at Lu'Gosh, and soon enough, the two were walking back to Nesingwary's Expedition. The hunter extroardinare was awestruck when he saw the pair walking casually back to the camp, with Lu'Gosh feeding Bangalash a piece of raptor meat. Proclaiming that only a master of the art of the hunt could do what the blood elf did, he declared him "Master Huntsman Lu'Gosh".

The hunter grinned to himself. If and when word of this got out, his plan would slowly un-roll...

Personal Freedoms

Though the hunter is glad to finally have his place in the world, and he is always somewhat anxious to complete tasks for the House of Whitehair, Lu'Gosh prizes his own freedom above all else. He is not very fast to follow orders, nor is he fond of doing such things. He shall do what he thinks is a good idea, and often times the House's vision follows his. The hunter does not want his freedom to ever be ripped from him again; not after what had happened with Sul'Thraze, the sword that had taken control of him.

When the time is right, and when the House slips up and does something horrible, Lu'Gosh will likely be one of the very first to leave, and, due to all his horrible experiences with groups of people, will completely keep his affiliations to himself. Though, some in the House believe that if Joshmaul found the hunter and said the right things, Lu'Gosh would turn...

Lu'Gosh has often said that "if one is worthless as an indiviual, they have no excuse to exist", and other things along these lines. Lu'Gosh's attitude, statements, and possibility of turning against the House, has made many of the higher-ups in the House, such as Ordevaas, Ketiron, and Kel'theris Decibelius, Ordevaas' father, worried. Despite this however, they have decided to keep him in the House unless he shows definite signs of betrayal.

Finishing Another's Work: Coming to Outland

Lu'Gosh, though still wanting to find ways to pick at the Corruptor even moreso then he had already been (as Joshmaul had recently been leashed by Thrall), had decided once more that nothing he could do would do much at all to him. He didn't want to go back to the same old boring challenges Azeroth had to offer, so instead he walked through the Dark Portal, and came upon the ravaged world of Outland.

Like his honor-brother Saavedro of Stratholme, Ordevaas had left some things unattended in Hellfire Peninsula, such as burning the Alliance cannons on the side opposite to Thrallmar at the Path of Glory that still proved to be somewhat of a threat to the Horde's operations in the Peninsula if either the Alliance or some of the remaining fel orcs in the area gained control of them. Lu'Gosh burned the cannons, before heading off to Spinebreaker Post. Once there, he was tasked with eliminating some of the Unyielding, a group of Alliance Expedition ghosts that were killed during the invasion of Draenor and raised by orcish death knights.

After defeating some of the spirits, he found a mysterious tome on the ground. He attempted to read it, but could not, as the book was written in some sort of Alliance code. Lu'Gosh thought it would be a good idea to bring the book to Althen the Historian, thinking that he may be able to crack the code. Althen was baffled by the book; not only did it contain the history of the Expedition Armory when the Unyielding lived; it also continued into their un-lives. Althen, thinking that another approach was necessary, tasked the huntsman with defeating Lieutenant Commander Thalvos and taking his battle horn, and then head towards Zeth'gor and blow the horn near the  [Alliance Banner]. Journying back to the Armory, Lu'Gosh did as he was tasked; he defeated the old dwarven spirit and ripped the horn from his ghostly hands. He then raced back to Zeth'gor and blew the horn; a foul, disgusting orc by the name of Urtrak charged at the huntsman. However, a very unexpected thing happened; three Unyielding soldiers appeared out of seemingly nowhere and began attacking the orc, and aiding Lu'Gosh. Though surprised, he did not object; he killed Urtrak and then returned to Althen and told him what happened.

Pleased with this turn of events, he told Lu'Gosh to return to the Armory, and enter the tower there. When the huntsman entered, the spirit of Commander Hogarth welcomed him, and thanked him for granting the Unyielding vengeance. In payment of this deed, he gave Lu'Gosh a sword that would call upon the aid of the Unyielding when facing other dark enemies.

Areinnye's Challenge

Lu'Gosh standing in Silvermoon with his devilsaur.

Though his reputation with the Horde was still somewhat diminished, Areinnye Scourgebane, the second-in-command of the Whitehair House Guard, was impressed with the huntsman's abilities, and decided to make a bet with him.

The challenge was that he had to tame a devilsaur and coax it into aiding him before Areinnye could kill three hundred (300) undead in Northrend. If he won, Areinnye would be required to teach him ("I don't want to push my luck" he said when she asked if he was sure), but if Areinnye won, he would owe her a hundred twenty (120) gold piecies.

With the challenge set, the two went off to their respective areas; Areinnye in Northrend to destroy Scourge, and Lu'Gosh in Un'Goro Crater to find and tame a devilsaur. The huntsman was at an obvious disadvantage; while devilsaurs were hard to come by in Un'Goro, you could go to any part of Northrend and find it infested with more undead then you could count. Despite this, Lu'Gosh continued on; he trudged throughout the jungle, and used his hunting skills to better his search. Eventually, the time came; a large black devilsaur walked by. This was his chance! The huntsman froze the large lizard in a block of ice, all the while trying to convince him to not swallow him whole. Eventually, the lizard saw that the hunter would not harm him, and stopped thrashing about. Lu'Gosh offered the devilsaur a chicken, which it gladly ate. Finding this blood elf trustworthy, the devilsaur decided to accompany Lu'Gosh on his adventures.

Returning to Silvermoon, Lu'Gosh waited another day, before Areinnye came back, blood-stains still visible on her tabard. The second-in-command gaped when she saw the large lizard; she had never thought that he would be able to do such a thing. Admitting defeat, Areinnye agreed to teach Lu'Gosh in the ways of marksmanship.