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This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

Deeping Vale is the starting zone (level 1-10) for the goblin race, introduced in the World of Warcraft's third expansion set - Emerald Scream. As of Patch 4.0.1, the three goblin areas are now located on the main world map off the southeastern part of Kalimdor, but remain inaccessible to those without the expansion. Deeping is the location of Undermine.


Zone Name Faction Races Level Range Location
Deeping Vale Horde Horde

IconSmall Goblin Male.gifIconSmall Goblin Female.gif Goblin

IconSmall Trogg.gif Trogg

1-13 Western South Seas


Deeping Vale has historically been the home of the goblins of Undermine, and has contained the heart of their oligarchy for millennia. Although the cave system has seen its share of battle between the goblins and their nearest neighbors, the Rockneck troggs, the region has retained a quiet and mysterious feel. In times past, Deeping lay witness to the War of Below, when a horde of troggs from lower tunnels raided the land. The vale has been permanently damaged by the strife wrought by the battles, and the underground plantlife that grows richly in other parts of the caves cannot sustain life here. Countless troggs and goblins were killed, including the last trade king, Rotor Widegrin. After the trogg horde had been subdued, the remnants of goblins in the vale separated under the banners of the trade king's seven sons. Although the differing factions are ever at disagreement as to who the proper trade king should be, open hostility between the supporters are rare. Instead, the goblins have formed a pact and turned the splintered factions into a vibrant oligarchy, the better to make gold and bargains with foreign powers. This gives them plenty of time to scheme and create mischief against each other as well, but the foremost goal is that Undermine and the surrounding caves remain in the hands of the goblins.


A sprawling cave system with fungal forests and underground lakes.



Berylgleam Passage Central Station Crystalbole Village Darkwhisper Pond
Daylight Pass The Dead Cavern Electrode Blam Electrode Boom
Electrode Zap The Fallen Colossus The Fungal Forest Gleambloom Fields
Goblin Gate Gordag Groundskipper Bole Lake Glimmerdeep
Last Home of Zexxin Mechastone Square North Station Redblade Safehouse
Rhoodag The Roofspire Rotor's Path Ruins of Rotoriak
Saltspray Gulf The Scorched Caves South Station Spikemetal Tower
Spozztik Brainery Stonedrip Grotto Stoneneck Hole Trade King Walk
Tranquil Hollow Twilight Cave Whiteshimmer Falls Widegrin Court


There is an instance portal in a tunnel leading down past Rhoodag, and another past Gordag. These appear to be unimplemented dungeon entrances, perhaps two entrances to the same dungeon.

Raid Dungeons


Half-Dungeons/Elite Areas




Travel hubs

Horde Flight paths from Undermine

Regions adjacent to Deeping Vale

Zone Name Faction Level Range Direction Access
Isle of Kezan Horde 10-20 Above By foot and Flight Path from Undermine
Southsea Isles Horde 20-30 East By swimming, ferry, or Flight Path from Undermine.

Notable characters

Deeping Vale is home to several characters of note. At the Spikemetal Tower, Gizmotrix Zubbi welcomes new recruits of all creeds into action. At Mechastone Square, Traxxil the Crazed attempts to cleanse the area of the nearby roguelings. And at the Redblade Safehouse, Zapcaptain Blick sends bold adventurers into the lands of the troggs in order to keep them at bay.

For a complete list of characters, see List of Deeping Vale NPCs.


Wild creatures

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