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Fresh from their new found victory, the mighty Horde and the noble Alliance begin to relax and as peace begins to form a series of events occur that could bring the two powers even closer to all-out war!


  • Explore the Broken Isles.
  • Acquire Water mounts like snap dragons.
  • Venture into new dark dungeons.
  • Face the dark horror of the maelstorm.
  • Level to 90.
  • New Hero Class.

Hour of the Naga

The Naga realizing they couldn't defeat the combined might of the Horde and Alliance have been raiding their towns and placing the opposide faction's banners on the towns they have ravaged and pillaged.

Not content with their blame game, the naga led by Warlord Crus'Azar have began to wage war againts againt the cities of Silvermoon, Darnasses, Grom'Gol Base Camp, Stormwind, and the goblin towns of Ratchet and Booty Bay.

Both the Horde and Alliance realizing what kind of threat the Naga truely have sent their bravest heroes to combat the Naga and put an end to their Dark Queen.


Neutral Undermine: The Goblins led by the Trade Princes welcome both the Horde and Alliance and welcome all who would aid againts the naga that seek to destroy them.

Neutral Broken Exiles: The denizens of the Broken Isles led by the mysterious orc Drak'thul fight to defend their home from the naga and would welcome any aid.

Neutral Freedom Fighters: The murlocs of the broken isles welcome all who would help free their brethern and aid them in these dark times.

Neutral Shadow Weavers: Led by the high priests Zul' Roc they seek to unleash their fury upon the naga.

Horde Crest Twilight Reavers: The Horde strike force againts the naga, spear headed by the Twilight Moon.

  • Twilight Moon: Angered againts the attack againts their ancient capital the sin'dori led by Grand Magister Rommath seek to punish the naga and uncover their ancient-kins' secrets.
  • The Reclaimers: The Darkspear Trolls led by Yenniku and Master Gadrin who seek reclaim their lost home on the broken isles.

Alliance Crest Avengers: The Alliance strike force againts the naga, spear headed by the Dark Shadowsong.

  • Dark Shadowsong: Driven by vengeace in their hearts againts their way-word kin, these Night Elves have joined under the banner of the recently returned Maiev Shadowsong.
  • The Royal Navy: The royal navy of Stormwind led by Caption Von Lugen, have arrived to claim vengeance againts the serphent naga.
  • Heart Seekers: These dwarves angered that naga destroyed some of their discoveries of their birth and slaughtered many of their brave soldiers, seek to return the favor.

New Hero Class

Introducing the WoW's next hero class the Shadow Striker. This selected group of trolls and night elves have lived in secret and worship the divine shadow. However their sacred temple was defiled by the serphant-like naga and in a bitter struggle to reclaim it, aided by both the Horde and the Alliance, the Shadow Weavers have begun teaching the alliance and the horde their noble art.

Available to all races.

Start off in the temple of Shadow and learn to master the true shadow.

Requires level 65 to create.

New Dungeons

Azshara's Palace: Venture into the queen's domain and fight againts her most trusted servants, her dark warlord Crus'Azar and face the dreaded queen herself.

Temple of Darkness: A former temple of the Shadow Weavers that is filled with dark creaures of the void unleashed the traitor Vorel, who resides deep in the temple and with other renegeades they seek to summon the void lord Eromesa.

Tide Lord Crater: A deep crater in the maelstorm where the great lord of tides, Neptulon resides.

The Tomb of Sargeras: Legends and mysteries surround the dark tomb. Perhaps the first mystery of it, is how it still stands since it was collasping after llidan used the eye of sargeras. As you enter beware for the crazed demons and specters of the past remain deep within. Face off againts the Demon Lord Mephistroth and the ghostly Gul'dan.