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My only real beef with the second Chronicle book is that instead of being fantasy World War II, the Second War and the Invasion of Draenor are now depicted as small campaigns that lasted for a very short time, not even a year for the Second one. The Alliance of Lordaeron was made up of seven human kingdoms, as well as the nations of Gnomeregan, Ironforge and Quel'Thalas, and the fighting occurred over a whole continent, so why does it feel like the First War lasted longer and had more battles?

This page is my attempt at reconciling Warcraft II and Chronicle.

Color code

  • Green - Almost everything in that mission is still canon.
  • Yellow - The general idea behind the mission is still canon, but a RTS-style battle might not have happened, it might have just been a small skirmish. Alternatively, the mission is unmentioned in the new lore but could still have possibly happened.
  • Orange - The mission is unmentioned in the new lore and rather unlikely.
  • Red - The mission is technically impossible in the new lore without heavy headcanon or reinterpretation of the Chronicle books. World of Warcraft lore may still reference them, strangely.

Warcraft II missions

Alliance Second War - Alliance side
Horde Second War - Horde side
Alliance Invasion of Draenor - Alliance side
Horde Invasion of Draenor - Horde side
  • Slayer of the Shadowmoon - Unmentioned and unlikely. Nothing really indicates that the death knights would follow Mogor. The saving of Grommash Hellscream might still have happened however.
  • The Skull of Gul'dan - Unmentioned but likely. Check what happened to the Skull in Chronicle.
  • Thunderlord and Bonechewer - Unmentioned but possible.
  • The Rift Awakened - Still canon even though the Horde of Draenor didn't led a full siege of Nethergarde Keep.
  • Dragons of Blackrock Spire - Still canon but in a twisted way: the Horde of Draenor failed to convince the Dark Horde to lend them red dragons, and Deathwing gave them black dragons instead.
  • New Stormwind - Still canon but it was a small expedition instead of a full attack.
  • The Seas of Azeroth - Technically impossible unless the Tomb of Sargeras expedition decided to attack Kul Tiras during its travels.
  • Assault on Kul Tiras - Technically impossible unless the Tomb of Sargeras expedition decided to attack Kul Tiras during its travels. Still, it would be nice if an attack on Kul Tiras really happened. It could justify Daelin's racism and maybe Freehold as an abandoned Proudmoore naval base.
  • The Tomb of Sargeras - Still canon even though the presence of the Kirin Tor is unlikely.
  • Alterac - Still canon but it was a small expedition instead of a full attack.
  • The Eye of Dalaran - Still canon but it was a small expedition instead of a full attack.
  • The Dark Portal - Still canon.

Other considerations

  • The number of paladins was reduced from an untold amount to only five.
  • Chronicle says that only a few ogres crossed the Dark Portal and joined the Old Horde, but what is depicted in WoW is that ogres are absolutely everywhere and in high numbers, even after being culled by years of Alliance hunting (look for ref in Chronicle 3). So presumably many ogres joined the Old Horde, like depicted in Warcraft II.
  • Were there other naval battles than the two major ones? Cyrus Crestfall's story make it possible. If the only naval engagements of the war were the initial Hillsbrand landings and the Battle of Crestfall, it would have made no sense for the Kul Tiran to deploy transport ships.
  • The Horde tone is very different between then and now. In Warcraft II Orgrim Doomhammer was a relentless conqueror here to destroy humanity and take their lands, in the new lore he is more of a desperate man trying to make the most of a dire situation, by doing a preemptive strike on the enemy headquarters. This could still be explained by saying that even if Orgrim took the Horde's reigns from Blackhand and Gul'dan, the rest of the orcish soldiers were still blood-crazed madmen, and as such they misinterpreted the strategies of their leader.
  • It's a common fan-fiction that in Warcraft I you play as Orgrim Dooomhammer on the orcish side, since you end up betraying Blakchand, but what about the other campaigns? Anduin Lothar could be seen as the one you play on the human side, but you have to save him in the middle of the campaign. What if in Warcraft II you played as Danath Trollbane (during the Alliance Khaz Modan missions), as Turalyon (Lordaeron missions), and on the other hand Saurfang and Rend (notably when attacking the Broken Isles)?