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UPDATE: Everything was fixed in 21/12/2018, when the entire website was refreshed.

What is this page about

This page is here to keep track of links tables not being updated properly when edits are done.

Note that:

  • Categories and special pages (like "Special:WhatLinksHere") are affected.
  • These are only the categories I kept track of. There are at least tens, potentially hundreds more cases.
  • These problems may have been quietly happening for weeks without us noticing.

Don't update the pages listed below, for the point of this sandbox is to keep track of a bot's ability to effectively update all pages on the site. If we update them manually, we lose track of that and we may never know if the bot did its job to completion.

December 6-8, 2018 incident


April 10, 2018 incident


January 11, 2018 incident


December 9, 2017 incident


November 20, 2017 incident