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World of Lorecraft

World of Lorecraft aims to be the most comprehensive resource, as well as the one-stop community for regular news updates, interviews, editorial articles, and discussion for all things Warcraft lore.

This project is currently on indefinite hold!


We're looking for people for the following jobs on the project.

  • Web Developers
    • English required.
    • Previous experience required.
    • PHP knowledge required.
    • MySQL knowledge required.
    • JavaScript knowledge required.
    • XML knowledge required.
  • Web Designers
    • English required.
    • Examples required.
    • Photoshop knowledge required.
    • XHTML knowledge required.
    • Illustrator knowledge a bonus.
    • Flash knowledge a bonus.
  • Artists
    • English required.
    • Examples required.
    • Photoshop knowledge required.
  • Editorialists (We have more than enough and aren't accepting anymore.)
    • English required.
    • Examples required.
    • Knowledge of the lore required.
  • Translators (We aren't accepting translators until the site is ready for content.)
    • English required.
    • German, French or Spanish required.

Please email me or mention this on my talk page if interested.