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Comments to Fandyllic

See current stuff.

Towns and Zones

Excellent work adding all of those towns and zones. You even took the effort to categorize them! Awesome!

-- AlexanderYoshi 19:51, 5 Feb 2005 (EST)

Thanks, I'm sort of *n*l retentive that way. I love this wiki, so I want to add to it and make it great. - Fandyllic

Nice, more game terms.

I love the 3 sentence description of Sleep. hahaha :-)

-- AlexanderYoshi 13:56, 10 Feb 2005 (EST)

I've been trying to add all the game terms that appear in the Newbie Guide, since I figure it would be really annoying to new players to have a guide with terms that aren't explained. - Fandyllic

Professional Titles

"Hey, I noticed you added terms like Engineer, Alchemist and Miner. Would you mind adding them for Blacksmith, Enchanter, Herbalist, Leatherworker, Skinner and Tailor? Maybe you could add Doctor (First Aid) and Fisher (Fishing) too, but they aren't as important." -- Fandyllic

Done. -- TedC 15:21, 26 May 2005 (CDT)

Item classes too?

You're putting a lot of effort in! Writing separate pages for both Vial and Oil. Heheh, geez man, you make me look bad! Keep it up.

-- AlexanderYoshi 09:16, 23 Feb 2005 (EST)

I'm trying to set a good example and follow the Master... ;-)
Usually, I think to myself, would a new player know what this means? --- Fandyllic

Maybe I should bookmark your page.

It would be quicker than checking the Recent Changes pages.

Thanks for filling in and creating stubs for the sub-races of WoW.

-- AlexanderYoshi 19:51, 4 Mar 2005 (EST)


Hi Fandyllic. I updated sleep to include the status (I'm working on mage spells) from spells like sheep and hibernate. Thought I'd tag you in case it's fallen off your watch list. --RoJ 16:23, 7 Mar 2005 (EST)

I totally forgot about the other type of "Sleep". Thanks for adding it. I moved most of it to Sleep Effect (to distinguish the spell named Sleep from the effect which comes from a wide range of things). --- Fandyllic

Ah, dur, good idea. I had to do the same thing with Fear Effect to distinguish it from the warlock spell [Fear]. And you even updated where it appeared. Awesome. Uh... nice working with you. --RoJ 12:42, 8 Mar 2005 (EST)

Zones, Regions, Etc.

Hi, noticed that you were adding the Region and Zone tags to some stuff. However, I just recently organized all that stuff according to how it's labeled in-game, and outlined that on the main page's discussion page. I know you were trying to make everything organized, as I was. :)

Here's the post.

Regions, zones, etc.

I recently became very confused when trying to organize the Regions, Zones, Towns, etc. categories. So, if nobody objects, I'm going to lay down some rules for that stuff.

We will refer to this map of the Barrens: [1]

And this map of the Eastern Plaguelands: [2]

  • Note the categories at the top

Here's the hierarchy:

  • World (just Azeroth and Draenor at the moment)
    • Continent (Kalimdor, Eastern Continent, and Northrend at the moment)
      • City (cities that are their own "zone" - Orgrimmar, Ironforge, etc.)
      • Zone (Barrens, Durotar, Thousand Needles, Eastern Plaguelands, etc.)
        • Region (on Barrens map: Thorn Hill, Merchant Coast, Field of Giants)
        • Town (Crossroads, Camp Taurajo - places that have NPCs for one/both factions)
        • Instance (WC, RFK, RFD)

Corin's Crossing and Tyr's Hand (in EPL) should be considered Regions, since there are no friendly NPCs for either faction in them.

So, the following "Category:X" tags should be used on:

  • Orgrimmar: Category:World:Azeroth, Category:Continent:Kalimdor, Category:City
  • Brill: Category:World:Azeroth, Category:Continent:Eastern Kingdoms, Category:Zone:Tirisfal Glades, Category:Town

So, I will begin moving stuff around in the categories. Hope nobody minds. I think it'll be much easier to follow once it's all properly categorized.

--FeldmanSkitzoid 02:24, 19 May 2005 (EDT)

Regions vs. Zones

Please see my comments at Main page discussion, Response to Regions vs. Zones.

Usually we are in harmony, but this time have to strongly disagree with your identification and plan for regions vs. zones.

-- Fandyllic 6:48 PM PDT 19 May 2005

You don't like the character-article tag?

Laisren 15:20, 16 Jul 2005 (EDT) ]] Hi Fandyllic. You removed the character-article template from Crazy Cat Lady; I was just wondering why? Regards, Laisren.

It didn't seem to be applying anything to the article, so I removed it. Can you tell me what it does?
-- Fandyllic 1:31 PM PDT 21 July 2005
Hi Fandyllic- I posted a reply to your question on my User talk page. Regards, Laisren (21 Jul 2005, 21:22 EDT)
Thanks for the info... I understand how it works now... I thought it wasn't adding the article to the Characters category, so I was suspicious of it's use. I'll have to use these templates more often.
-- Fandyllic 2:34 PM PDT 28 July 2005


I hope you like the images I am going through and adding to some of your items. I feel it adds a bit more life to the wiki. OwlBoy 12:02, 8 Mar 2005 (EST)

I love the images... do you have one for the Squirrel? --- Fandyllic 10:17 PM PST 13 Mar 2005

Nice Work

Fandyllic - Nice work on adding the Template:In-game-book-article and Article type! Thanks!
(I just hadn't gotten around to it.)
Don't forget though that the template adds the category, so for an article like The_Alliance_of_Lordaeron, we have to remember to remove the samed-named category so that we don't get a Category duplication at the bottom.

Also, you asked about vandals: I think the admins don't actually visit that often, so any action will have to be a community action. Maybe start by listing the user account names somewhere so we can watch them? That seems like a good idea actually. Starting the list now: [3]. We should just petition Rustak to make us Admins though. :-) Regards, Laisren [ Laisren 18:42, 5 Aug 2005 (EDT) ]

Good idea putting a vandal list on the Community Portal!
-- Fandyllic 4:13 PM PDT 5 August 2005

post script:
Fandyllic- "See also" is really more of the standard than "Also see"... Just F.Y.I. - Laisren [ Laisren 21:48, 5 Aug 2005 (EDT) ]

Nice Work, part 2

Fandyllic - Regarding the article Trainers; "Fandyllic - (Tradeskill Trainers -; table-ize)" :
Ooooo. Nice!!!
- Laisren 05:47, 10 Aug 2005 (EDT)

Great job on the Patch Notes

Its quite nice to have them all archived here. Thanks for taking the time to format them.

-OwlBoy 22:25, 27 Aug 2005 (EDT)
I figured Blizzard would nuke them at some point, so might as well have them in the wiki for historical reference. Ironically, there turned out to be so many patch release notes, I almost regret I started it... ;-)
-- Fandyllic 8:48 PM PDT 27 August 2005