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Fired in response to the CVars, Keybindings and other associated "Blizzard" variables being loaded.





  • Since key bindings and macros in particular may be stored on the server they event may be delayed a bit beyond the original loading sequence.
  • Previously (prior to 3.0.1) this event was part of the loading sequence. Although it still occurs within the same general timeframe as the other events, it no longer has a guaranteed order that can be relied on. This may be problematic to addons that relied on the order of VARIABLES_LOADED, specifically that it would fire before PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD.
  • Addons should not use this event to check if their addon's saved variables have loaded. They can use ADDON_LOADED (testing for arg1 being the name of the addon) or another appropriate event to initialize, ensuring that the addon works when loaded on demand.

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