Vaeldrin's Journal

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Vaeldrin's Journal

Vaeldrin's Journal can be found at the Incursion in the Krasarang Wilds. [67.5, 32.6] It belongs to Lorekeeper Vaeldrin.


Vaeldrin's Journal
Entry 1

For the first time in the last decade I feel like I have a proper lead. There was an ancient scroll written in a strange language that talked about the Pools of Youth. It would appear to pre-date Azshara's rule.

The odd part is the language is neither elves nor trolls. This fascinating bit of news would imply that there were societies older than that of our own on Azeroth.

From what I could decipher, the Pools of Youth were actually the property of an ancient dynasty. What race comprised this dynasty still remains a mystery.

There is something sinister about the writings of this "Dojani dynasty" however. There are also references to an imperial seat and a valley of golden blossoms.

The choice bit of news is that they included coordinates to their kingdom's "heart of power." I should be able to have one of our new arcane mages provide us a portal if I can convince Tyrande to approve the mission.

Entry 2

Tyrande is a stubborn unruly woman! Far be it for me to speak against my high priestess but she is a buffoon, unwilling to take even the most minor of risks.

I showed her my research! I showed her how to find the Pools of Youth and the legacy of this ancient empire. What does she do? Deems the mission "too risky."

How is the mortality of our people to be dismissed as "too risky"? Oh she insists that we made the right choice setting aside our immortality when we had to save Azeroth. But I believe that is a fixable issue.

There is more than one way to live forever!

Entry 3

Tyrande is a goddess! She approved my mission! Granted, she insisted I take my daughter and nearly a battalion of sentinels with me but no matter. I can proceed.

It would seem her ladyship was beset by dreams and visions of the same golden valley I told her of in my research.

For her, the visions gave her a sense of healing and a need for peace. But her visions also had something about danger and "gets worse before it gets better" type of warnings.

The scrolls my research came from spoke of a peaceful land as well so I am not sure what she is so concerned about.

Entry 4

I think my daughter is annoyed she has been assigned to keep me safe. Lyalia is a sweet girl but she has never appreciated my research.

It is a shame she is so headstrong. Probably gets it from her mother. I have tried to explain to her that if I succeed we will have all of eternity to spend time together.

She really is but a child, born only within the last century. She seems quite upset that i don't pay enough attention to her. But what is twenty years spent in research when compared to millennia of conversation and experiences that would follow?

Entry 5

An arcanic oubliette. Who would build such a sinister device?

By my estimates this contraption is almost twelve thousand years old and yet it still had enough power to trip.

Apparently, once tripped, it begins to draw energy off of all those trapped within it, using their life force to power the device much like a warlock siphons life off their victims.

Most civilized cities just use wards to prevent unwanted portals.

This, this is something very dark. It would seem the civilization that made this has no qualms about siphoning or redistributing life.

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