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Level: 98 - 110
Battle Pet Level: 25
Legion zone concept 3.jpg
Former ruler(s)

 Ysera †
 Xavius †
 Kur'talos Ravencrest †

Major settlements
Minor settlements

Northwestern Broken Isles

PvP status
There was once a place on Azeroth where nature was in perfect balance, a place so peaceful it might have been mistaken for the Emerald Dream. Druids sought enlightenment among the vibrant forests of Val'sharah for millennia, but now the region has fallen under the gaze of evil. A nightmare is spreading unchecked, and none are immune to its corruption.
The Art of World of Warcraft: Legion, pg. 67

Val'sharah (sometimes spelled as Val'Sharah[1][2] and pronounced "VAHL-shaw-raw") is a region in the northwestern area of the Broken Isles. The zone is currently contested by Xavius and his satyrs attempting to spread the corruption of the Emerald Nightmare.[3]


Ages ago, the first druids molded Val'sharah to be a mirror of the Emerald Dream. While merely an echo, it is as close to the Dream as Azeroth can come.[4]

It was here where Malfurion Stormrage first learned druidism under the tutelage of Cenarius.


Maps and subregions

Map of Val'sharah.


Instance name Level range Group size Approximate run time
Instance portal Black Rook Hold 110 5 player Unknown
Instance portal Darkheart Thicket 110 5 player Unknown
Instance portal Emerald Nightmare 110+ 10-30 player Unknown

Travel hubs

NeutralFlight paths from Lorlathil
NeutralFlight paths from Gloaming Reef
NeutralFlight paths from Bradensbrook
NeutralFlight paths from Garden of the Moon
NeutralFlight paths from Starsong Refuge
DruidFlight paths from Dreamgrove

Adjacent regions

Zone Name Faction Level Range Direction Access
Azsuna AllianceHorde 100 - 110 (scaled) South By foot or by flight path
Highmountain AllianceHorde 100 - 110 (scaled) Northeast By foot or by flight path
Suramar AllianceHorde 110 Southeast By foot or by flight path

Notable characters

Main article: Val'sharah NPCs


Main article: Val'sharah storyline

Archmage Khadgar is trying to recover one of the Pillars of Creation, the Tears of Elune. At the same time Malfurion Stormrage is on a mission to figure out what happened to his mentor, the demigod Cenarius. The Nightmare is starting to take hold and the satyr Xavius has designs on the Tears and Ysera. Can adventurers sort everything out in time?


Wild creatures


Fan art


Patch changes


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