Valley of Strength

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The Valley of Strength.

The Valley of Strength is the main valley of Orgrimmar. It is here Garrosh, the new Horde Warchief, can be found within the rebuilt Grommash Hold. Ramps were built leading to the upper valleys, after the central tower with a bridge to the valleys was destroyed during the Shattering. Elevators were also added in the valley to give access to the bluff above, known as Orgrimmar Skyway.

The area is a bustling hive of activity for most of the day and night, with all manner of adventurers frequenting its shops and facilities. It is also the first area encountered after passing through the main gate.



Excludes the above areas.

Near the Stranglethorn Imported Fruit & Spirits


  • Many of the previous shop owners found in the area, who had their buildings destroyed during the Cataclysm, have set up small stands around Grommash Hold, and newer buildings have been built, or old buildings rebuilt, to replace the destroyed structures.