Valonforth's Remembrance

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Valonforth's Remembrance is a trinket that was possibly a possession of Captain Luc Valonforth, or was made in memory of him. Since the Horde can acquire this as a quest objective for looting, it is likely that it was in fact a possession of Luc Valonforth, and was recovered at the Forgotten Shore.


This item is a quest reward from:


  • The trinket is not picky about what in particular is the "spell hit", as it can be triggered by ticks of damage over time spells as well as healing over time spells in addition to single-target spells. This makes it particularly useful for Druid healers as well as Warlock's with the  [Glyph of Life Tap]. Proc from direct AoE (like [Hurricane]) is confirmed, but lasting-effect AoE (like [Consecration] and [Flamestrike]) is still unconfirmed as of writing.

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