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Valorous Siegebreaker Battlegear

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Valorous Siegebreaker Battlegear is the 10-man version of the tier 8 damage warrior set.


The Valorous Siegebreaker Battlegear items are sold in Dalaran. They are "purchased" with Tokens of the Wayward Protector.

Slot Token Dropped by
Head 1 Helm of the Wayward Protector Mimiron
Hands 1 Gloves of the Wayward Protector Freya
Legs 1 Leggings of the Wayward Protector Hodir
Shoulders 1 Spaulders of the Wayward Protector Thorim
Chest 1 Chestguard of the Wayward Protector Yogg-Saron


Valorous Siegebreaker Battlegear

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