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Vaneck's avatar
German Community Manager Vaneck

Vaneck (aka Marc Olbertz, born June 8th 1970[1]) is the Community Manager of the German WoW community. He has been working for Blizzard since early 2005 and later succeeded Gungdil as German CM. He is now the eSports manager for Europe. Little does he tell about his off-work life, though it is known that he plays a Horde warlock on a German realm.

Before his Job at Blizz, he worked at Jowood as their forums Community Manager Plex on the Game "Soldier" and as a musical director of Wings Studios.

But even more interesting is taking a look in his earlier past, where he was a famous German Techno DJ going by the name "Perplexer" back in the 90s, reaching the German Top 5 charts in Summer '94 with his bagpipe-influenced Techno single "Acid Folk" and the album of the same name. When his prominent identity was found out by the German WoW community, people congratulated Vaneck on his success, adding wishes for autographs on their "Acid Folk"-albums.

Perplexer sold a total of 1.2 million CDs.

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