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Image of Vardmadra
Gender Female
Race Val'kyr (Undead)
Level 80 Elite
Location Icecrown
Status Slain by the Lich King

Vardmadra appears to be one of the highest Val'kyr in the Lich King's army. After learning that the Cult of the Damned has found Iskalder (noted as the greatest Vrykul warrior that ever lived) Vardmadra plans on "judging" him[1] by kill Iskalder and raising him as a member of the Scourge.

Before she can move forward with her plans adventurers, working with Lady Nightswood awaken the vrykul and defeat him in combat as she watches. Lady Nightswood then possesses Vardmadra, keeping her body safely set aside while they continue their plans.[2] As the final step of the her revenge, Lady Nightswood uses the possessed Vardmadra in order to trick Overthane Balargarde into accepting a challenge from her allies. However, during the battle the Lich King appears and, seeing through Lady Nightswood's disguise, kills Vardmadra.[3]


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