Varedis Must Be Stopped (Scryer)

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ScryersVaredis Must Be Stopped

70 (Requires 68)




19000 (11g 40s at level 70)


Scryers +1000
Aldor -1100



Larissa Sunstrike wants you to go to the ruins of Karabor and slay Alandien, Theras, Netharel and Varedis. Use the  [Book of Fel Names] when Varedis uses Metamorphosis to weaken him. Return to Larissa Sunstrike with the Book of Fel Names after completing this task.

Completing quests for the Scryers will cause your Aldor reputation to decrease.

  • Suggested Players [5]


Of course we must destroy this book, but not before we use it to destroy Varedis.

If we're to shut down this academy of Illidan imitators, we'll have to deal not just with Varedis but also the three night elf masters that assist him: Alandien, Theras and Netharel.

Gather a suitable force and return to the Ruins of Karabor. Follow Altruis's instructions for defeating Varedis. Hopefully his plan will work - otherwise... it'll have been a pleasure working with you.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv weapon shortblade 25.png [Ceremonial Kris] Inv chest leather 05.png [Hauberk of Karabor]
Inv axe 09.png [Slayer's Axe] Inv sword 04.png [Summoner's Blade]
Inv pants plate 21.png [Sunfury Legguards] Inv staff 51.png [Wildcaller]


Have you completed what I asked of you, <name>?


You've done well, <name>. By slaying Varedis you've put an end to one of Illidan's most dangerous projects.

Your name will definitely get around after this.

Allow me to take what remains of the Book of Fel Names. I will make sure it's properly... disposed of.


All 4 demon hunters are scattered around. You will need to clear an area around each before starting the fight.

  • Varedis - (72.0, 53.3) - Casts a Flame Wave fire dot on the ground
  • Theras - (72.5,48.3) - Spell Reflect
  • Alandien - (69.6, 54.1) - Shadow Nova (AoE + Knockback)
  • Netheral - (69.0,52.3) - Mana Burn and Evasion

The 3 assistants can be easy handled by a group. Varedis is a little trickier due to the fact that he will need to be moved around so the tank does not stand in the fire. All 4 of them will metamorphosis into a demon partyway through the fight. You will only need to use the Book of Fel Names on Varedis. Using the book requires a long cast time (8–10 seconds). You must have Line of Sight to start using the book but you don't need it to finish.


  1. N [70] Karabor Training Grounds
  2. N [70] A Necessary Distraction
  3. N [70] Altruis
  4. N [70] Illidan's Pupil
  5. N [70D] The Book of Fel Names
  6. N [70] Return to the Aldor or N [70] Return to the Scryers
  7. N [70G] Varedis Must Be Stopped or N [70G] Varedis Must Be Stopped

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