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Variable price

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These DKP-variant loot systems have in common that item costs are neither fixed, nor freely negotiated in an auction. Instead, item prices are a certain percentage of the members DKP. In effect, it would be possible to set this percentage to any arbitrary amount between 1% and 100% of the current DKP. Two systems are not uncommon and thus will be presented here:

Spend all

DKP are earned as in any standard system. If an item drops, the person with the most DKP who wants it gets it, and gets their DKP score set to zero.

Spend half

Same as above, but the winner has to spend only half his DKP score.

Bid percents

Like a normal bidding system, but percentages are bid instead of absolute point values.



It is not uncommon to find this kind of system combined with price capping, like setting a fixed maximum price.

Free roll

If spend half is combined with a free roll for unwanted items, the Shroud Loot System results. Ni Karma is basically the same, but adds rolling for all items (with certain restrictions).


  • simple, friendly towards newbies and casual raiders, easy to understand
  • lightweight and easy to administer
  • still very flexibile when it comes to handing out rewards


The disadvantage is basically the same as for a Fixed price system. Spending all (or half) of ones DKP on a single item can be very expensive. Since all items basically cost the same, people may be reluctant to spend their points on marginal upgrades, if a larger upgrade is within reach.