Vault of the Shadowflame

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Vault of the Shadowflame

The Vault of the Shadowflame comprises the bulk of Blackwing Descent. It consists of a circular chamber which branches off into several wings, where Chimaeron, Atramedes, and Maloriak can be found. Additionally, this is where Nefarian raises Onyxia from the dead.

The main area forms a ring around a pit of lava, with members of the black dragonflight found throughout the room. The carcasses of members of other dragonflights adorn the ceiling. Once the other bosses have been defeated, Lord Victor Nefarius can be found in the middle of the chamber. He will give a speech about resurrecting Onyxia and a platform will rises from beneath the lava with her new form on it. The first phase of the encounter involves trying to kill Onyxia while handling Nefarian, now in dragon form.

For the second phase of the fight, the pit is again engulfed in lava and Nefarian is airborne. The platform rises back up in the final phase as Nefarian lands once more to finish off the intruders.


  • Beware the elevator which leads into this area. This deviously fast platform only stops between floors but for a brief moment and is likely a cause for deaths among players new to the instance.
    • One must also be cautious around players that freely hand out [Slow Fall] effects, for if they don't watch carefully, they might end up in the large pool of lava in the center of the room.
  • From entering: