Veiled Shadows

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Veiled Shadows
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  • Veiled Shadows (2 ranks)
  • Shadow, Tier 1
  • Decreases the cooldown of your Fade ability by 3/6 sec, and reduces the cooldown of your Shadowfiend ability by 30/60 sec.

Veiled Shadows is a Tier 1 talent in the priest Shadow talent tree that reduces the cooldown of the priest's [Fade] and [Shadowfiend] abilities.


This talent is useful for PvE mainly for its reduction of cooldown on the Shadowfiend ability. With threat being practically a non-issue in the current game, the reduction of Fade in PvE becomes less attractive but if a priest finds themselves with mana issues, the reduction in Shadowfiend would be useful, and also provides a little additional dps.

In PvP, the reduction in cooldown of Fade is useful for Shadow priests, with the [Phantasm] talent causing Fade to free the priest from all roots and snares. 2 points in Veiled Shadows results in a 20% reduction in Fade's cooldown, and being able to escape more often can save the priest's life.

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