Vellcinda Benton

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HordeVellcinda Benton
Image of Vellcinda Benton
Title Prime Governor
Gender Female
Race Forsaken
Affiliation(s) Desolate Council, Forsaken
Former affiliation(s) Kingdom of Stormwind, Kingdom of Lordaeron
Occupation Medic
Location Buried in the Arathi Highlands
Status Deceased
Relative(s) Wyll (husband)
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Vellcinda "Elsie" Benton was the wife of Wyll Benton and former Prime Governor of the Desolate Council which she founded to take care of the city in Sylvanas' absence.[1] She was once a servant in a kitchen.


She was in Lordaeron, visiting family, in the castle, when Arthas killed King Terenas Menethil II.

She was raised into undeath and became Forsaken in service of Sylvanas Windrunner. She assisted the Forsaken, outside of being the Prime Governor of the Desolate Council, by attending to and mending the delicate flesh of her fellow Forsaken. She considered Parqual Fintallas a friend. She was glad that her husband considered her dead as she saw him as a good man who deserved to have found closure from her death. She began questioning the reason for being of the Forsaken's existence after a conversation with the blacksmith Tevan Whitfield.

Sometime after Sylvanas's sudden ascension to Warchief of the Horde, Vellcinda took it upon herself to create the Desolate Council to serve as interim organization in order to lead the Undercity in the absence of of the Dark Lady, as her Warchief duties brought her out of homeland. Though she led the Desolate Council, and thus the Undercity, during this time, Vellcinda merely viewed herself as a caretaker and would gladly step down in order for Sylvanas to resume her rule.[2]

Following the Argus Campaign and the Orgrimmar parade, Vellcinda held a ceremony for the Forsaken who experienced the Last Death during the war against the Burning Legion. She implored Nathanos Blightcaller to urge Sylvanas to attend the ceremony, but her Warchief duties preoccupied her. She and the other members of the Council met in the throne room of the Royal Quarter and led the ceremony where she remembered her friend Tevan. Representatives of all the Horde races were present. After the ceremony was over, Nathanos approached her and apologized for Sylvanas's absence that day. Their conversation was interrupted by the arrival of Archbishop Alonsus Faol who delivered two missives, one for Warchief Sylvanas and the second for Elsie Benton. Vellcinda was surprised because she hadn't heard the name for quite some time. As she read the letter from King Anduin about her deceased husband Wyll, she was moved and hoped that Sylvanas would agree with Anduin's plan about the meeting between humans and the Forsaken. She also decided to start using her previous name again.[2] Some time after, she was present in a meeting with Sylvanas who specified the rules of the meeting. She closed the meeting by thanking her for permitting the reunion. Sylvanas then wanted to talk to her.[3] Later on, Sylvanas had tasked Elsie with leading the Desolate Council in organizing the Gathering event from the Forsaken's side.

The day before the Gathering, she met with Parqual at Galen's Fall. Even though she had no one to meet, she wanted to witness the reunions of the others. They noticed Annie Lansing giving scarves and sachets. She then listened to Sylvanas as she repeated the rules of the meeting. Elsie felt very proud to be a Forsaken now.[4] During the meeting, she watched the reunions and witnessed one of Archbishop Faol's priestesses (who was secretly Calia Menethil) heal Ol' Emma from heatstroke. Seeing she was alone in the reunion, Calia approached Elsie and struck up a conversation. They talked about how wonderful the Gathering was for both their peoples and Calia also took Elsie to wave at Anduin, who could be seen at Stromgarde Keep's ramparts. However, when Parqual saw Calia and initiated a defection of several Forsaken participants, chaos erupted as Sylvanas signaled the recall of all Forsaken participants and later sent her dark rangers to execute all the Forsaken on the field.

She was killed by Sylvanas's rangers as Calia Menethil attempted to convince her to defect into the Alliance, though she had not moved to follow Calia and was actively encouraging the other Forsaken participants to obey Sylvanas' recall.[5] She was later buried by the human attendees that lost friends and family during the bloodshed.


Her tombstone at the Forsaken graveyard in the Arathi Highlands carries the epitaph:

Beloved Wife of Wyll Benton
Reunited at last.


  • As a Forsaken, she lived in an inn room.[3]
  • She had friends in Brill.[4]
  • Her husband Wyll Benton described her as having "fiery red hair" when she was alive.


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