Vend-O-Matic Mk. V

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NeutralVend-O-Matic Mk. V
Image of Vend-O-Matic Mk. V
Race Unknown (Humanoid)
Level Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Island Expeditions

The Vend-O-Matic Mk. V is a vending machine located in Island Expeditions.


Inv misc food vendor toastedfishjerky.png ["Healthy" Chips]
1 Seafarer's Dubloon
Inv holiday tow spicebrownie.png [Clashgrain Bar]
1 Seafarer's Dubloon
Inv misc food 45.png [Spear-Mint Gum]
1 Seafarer's Dubloon
Inv drink 21.png [Springstep Cola]
1 Seafarer's Dubloon

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