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NeutralVenthyr Covenant
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The cunning venthyr of Revendreth are one of the Covenants in the Shadowlands. They feast on the souls of the prideful and vain in a gothic realm of opulence and torment.[1]

This is where flawed souls are sent who haven't been able to leave something behind, whether it's pride or some other failing. Souls sent here are not quite ready for service in one of the Shadowlands' other domains, and it is the duty of the vampiric Venthyr to prepare them—through unimaginable torment. It is much like a purgatory for souls who need to atone for past misdeeds and shed the burdens of their life. The journey is not an easy one, however. The former sin'dorei prince Kael'thas Sunstrider is one such soul who has found himself in Revendreth for his deeds in life.[2]


Eaters of sin who harvest anima from wicked souls.

The venthyr have a good thing going. They lord over Revendreth’s castles and ceaseless twilight while arrogant souls are delivered to their tables. The harvesters’ otherworldly punishments strip the pride from their thralls, sparing them an even worse fate: eternal torment in the Maw.

But souls thus drained can’t just leave Revendreth for a better place. They have years of penance to slog through while they reflect on the precarity of their afterlives. And, after eons of service, the venthyr are increasingly ruled by their decadence and pride. The very purpose of the plane may be flawed… and those who were once accusers have become gluttonous and corrupt.

Revendreth must always have a master, and rumor suggests that Denathrius, foremost among the venthyr, may no longer be fit for the role. Crowning a new Sire could return the plane to its former glory… or leave Revendreth mired in the same decadence and sin it is charged with cleansing.[3]