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For the object in Stonetalon Mountains with the same name, see Venture Co. Documents (object).


This item is provided for H [8] The Ravaged Caravan.

Objective of

This item is an objective of H [8] The Ravaged Caravan.


Supervisor Fizsprocket, please find enclosed a list of the equipment you have requisitioned, approved by President Razdunk.

He has asked me to remind and to emphasize to you of the Venture Company's vested interest in setting up operations throughout Kalimdor. Our drilling and mining outposts in the Barrens have proven profitable and efficient, but we still await sufficient production numbers from Mulgore, your jurisdiction.

The advisory board understands the difficulties in establishing a large scale operation so close to the tauren homeland, but do not feel that they pose a large impediment to our overall business plan in the area.

We are pleased to hear that mining has begun in the mineral rich plains of Mulgore. Because of this the board has approved your equipment request. In addition to mining, we feel that Mulgore also has much to offer in the way of lumber, thus you will also be provided with several of our newest model shredders and raw materials to construct a mill.

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