Verlok Basilisk Rider

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MobVerlok Basilisk Rider
Image of Verlok Basilisk Rider
Race Stone trogg (Humanoid)
Level 83
Health 53,681
Mana 8,516
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Verlok
Location Crimson Expanse[73, 40] & Verlok Stand,[73, 26] Deepholm
Status Killable

Verlok Basilisk Riders are stone troggs found riding their Crystal Gorged Basilisks throughout the Crimson Expanse and Verlok Stand of Deepholm.


  • Spell nature dryaddispelmagic.png  Spore Cloud — Conjure a cloud of spores that deals Nature damage to nearby enemies for 5 sec.
  • Ability throw.png  Throw Spear — Throws a weapon at an enemy, inflicting Physical damage.

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