Vess-Guard Na'kal

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MobVess-Guard Na'kal
Image of Vess-Guard Na'kal
Race Mantid (Humanoid)
Level 30-35
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Shek'zeer
Location Clutches of Shek'zeer, Dread Wastes

Vess-Guard Na'kal is a level 90 mantid found at the Clutches of Shek'zeer in the Dread Wastes. He is a champion of the mantid loyal to the empress, but his strength comes not from talent or experience, but rather genetic modifications, an honor normally reserved for veteran soldiers.[1]


  • Inv throwingknife 06.png  Deadly Throw — Throws a dagger at an enemy target, dealing 24 to 29% weapon damage. It also interrupts spellcasting and prevents any spell in that school from being cast for 3 sec.
  • Ability rogue fanofknives.png  Fan of Knives — Deals Physical damage.
  • Ability rogue shadowstep.png  Shadowstep — Teleports the caster behind the target. Also frees the caster from any bonds.

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