Veteran's PvP rewards

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Introduced with Season 2. The Season 3-equivalent PvP rewards is Vindicator's.

Armor sets

Armor Set Spec
Cloth Veteran's Deadweave Spell damage
Veteran's Silk Spell crit
Veteran's Mooncloth Heal
Leather Veteran's Dragonhide Strength
Veteran's Kodohide Heal
Veteran's Leather Attack
Veteran's Wyrmhide Spell damage
Mail Veteran's Chain Attack
Veteran's Linked Strength
Veteran's Mail Spell damage
Veteran's Ringmail Heal
Plate Veteran's Lamellar Spell damage
Veteran's Ornamented Heal
Veteran's Plate Attack
Veteran's Scaled Intellect & Strength
Veteran's PvP rewards cost
Item Cost
Veteran's Wrist 20 Warsong Gulch Mark of Honor 9435 Honor Points or 25 Badge of Justice
Veteran's Waist 40 Arathi Basin Mark of Honor 14280 Honor Points or 40 Badge of Justice
Veteran's Feet 40 Eye of the Storm Mark of Honor 14280 Honor Points or 40 Badge of Justice
Veteran's Neck 10 Eye of the Storm Mark of Honor 12240 Honor Points
Veteran's Finger 10 Alterac Valley Mark of Honor 12240 Honor Points


Set Wrist Waist Feet
Veteran's Dragonhide [Bracers] [Belt] [Boots]
Veteran's Kodohide [Bracers] [Belt] [Boots]
Veteran's Leather [Bracers] [Belt] [Boots]
Veteran's Wyrmhide [Bracers] [Belt] [Boots]
Veteran's Chain [Bracers] [Girdle] [Sabatons]
Veteran's Linked [Bracers] [Girdle] [Sabatons]
Veteran's Mail [Bracers] [Girdle] [Sabatons]
Veteran's Ringmail [Bracers] [Girdle] [Sabatons]
Veteran's Lamellar [Bracers] [Belt] [Greaves]
Veteran's Ornamented [Bracers] [Belt] [Greaves]
Veteran's Plate [Bracers] [Belt] [Greaves]
Veteran's Scaled [Bracers] [Belt] [Greaves]
Veteran's Dreadweave [Cuffs] [Belt] [Stalkers]
Veteran's Silk [Cuffs] [Belt] [Footguards]
Veteran's Mooncloth [Cuffs] [Belt] [Slippers]


Spec Neck Finger
Spell damage and crit [Veteran's Pendant of Conquest]
Spell damage [Veteran's Pendant of Dominance] [Veteran's Band of Dominance]
Healing [Veteran's Pendant of Salvation] [Veteran's Band of Salvation]
Attack power [Veteran's Pendant of Triumph] [Veteran's Band of Triumph]