Vicejaw (quest)

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Start Ren Firetongue
End Ren Firetongue
Level 90 (Requires 90)
Type Daily
Category Vale of Eternal Blossoms
Experience 294000
Reputation +200 Golden Lotus
Rewards  [Treasures of the Vale]
24g 72s 2 Lesser Charm of Good Fortune
Repeatable Yes


Kill Vicejaw and return Ren's Longstaff.


Vicejaw! Sounds absolutely violent, does it not? I came up with it myself, and I think it's very suiting. I tried to wrestle my staff away from him for hours, but he simply would not let go!

Okay, it was really more like a few seconds. I like to be truthful to my friends, even if it makes my stories significantly more boring.

Anyway, would you be so kind as to release your oh-so-potent wrath upon this crocodile with a vice-like jaw, and then kindly bring my staff back? Preferably in-tact!


You will receive:  [Treasures of the Vale] and 24g 72s 2 Lesser Charm of Good Fortune



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