Vicious Vale

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The Vicious Vale
The Vicious Vale, post-weed-whacking

The Vicious Vale is valley just west of the Horde Base Camp on the Lost Isles filled with killer plants of multiple sizes and types.

Kilag Gorefang and a few Orc Scouts were sent west in search of "previous cargo". They got stuck fighting plants, which Kilag believes they've only angered them. Some orcs can be seen being strangled by vines.




  • Had the orcs taken the path north of their camp rather than west, they could have avoided the whole vicious vale and avoid losing what few survivors they already had.
  • Completing the quest H IconSmall Goblin Male.gifIconSmall Goblin Female.gif [7] Back to Aggra will phase the area, killing off all the plants and allowing Kilag to move onward to the Wild Overlook.