Vicious Viziers (Horde)

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HordeVicious Viziers

94 (Requires 94)






H [94] Dropping In


H [94] The Final Step


Slay Vizier Vorgorsh, Vizier Zulmork, and Vizier Cromaug.


We can't just skate in, kill Witch Lord Morkurk, and leave.

His three lieutenants - Vorgorsh, Zulmork, and Cromaug - are all fiercely loyal to Morkurk, and are all respectable mages in their own right.

I suspect that if we attempt to engage the Witch Lord immediately that they will rush to his aid and overwhelm us. We need to take out his lieutenants first.


You will receive: 13g


Now that they're out of the way, Morkurk is exposed.


  • 14250 XP


Pick up H [94] While We're in the Neighborhood and H [94] Orbs of Power before heading out.

On accept of all three, Krelas joins the party:

Magister Krelas says: I'm going to enjoy this.

Get to killing Gordunni Bashers and Gordunni Cleavers for their  [Gordunni Runebeads], destroying Astral Wards, and taking out the named mobs.

Inside the fortress, keep an eye out for rare hydra Gennadian, which drops the  [Scales of Gennadian] and 20-30x [Garrison Resources].

At the southeastern end of the quest area, inside the tower just south of Gennadian's position, find Vizier Vorgorsh:

Vizier Vorgorsh says: You will never take our land!
Magister Krelas says: Masterful fighting! Two more to go.

Head north across the raised platform to the northeastern tower to find Vizier Zulmork:

Vizier Zulmork says: Help! Guards! Where are they? Fine, I'll kill you myself!
Magister Krelas says: Now to find Cromaug and put an end to his miserable existence.

Head southwest to the last tower to find Vizier Cromaug:

Vizier Cromaug says: It will be a pleasure blasting you into the ground!
Magister Krelas says: That's the last of them. We won't have to worry about them interfering.

Also, in the fourth tower (the one immediately to the northeast of the Throne of the Witch Lord), find an Iron Box which contains a  [Gordunni Skullthumper] and roughly 15g.


  1. B [94] An Audience With The Archmage
  2. B [94] Making Acquaintances
  3. Complete all of:
  4. B [94] Next Steps
  5. B [94] The Foot of the Fortress
  6. B [94] Dropping In
  7. Complete all of:
  8. B [94] The Final Step
  9. B [94] Due Cause to Celebrate
  10. B [94] Joining the Ranks (optional)

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