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Image of Vil'raxx
Race C'Thrax (Aberration)
Level 120 Elite
Health 2,603,533
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Black Empire
Location Pools of Power, Vale of Eternal Blossoms
Status Killable

Vil'raxx is a C'Thrax located at the Pools of Power in Vale of Eternal Blossoms.


  • Inv eyeofnzothpet.png  Lingering Spite — Lob void energy at the destination, creating a pool of spite. Enemies within the pool are snared by 60% and have their Corruption increased by 0. The pool applies Lingering Spite every second, increasing the target's corruption by 0. Lingering Spite decays every second the target is outside of the pool.
  • Ability priest halo shadow.png  Void Stomp — Creates an area of void energy that travels forward, inflicting 20 Shadow damage to all players in its path.
  • Spell shadow gathershadows.png  Void Tear — Inflicts 10 Shadow damage to all enemies in front of the caster.


Objective of


  • Abandon hope! The Black Empire engulfs your world!


  • After killing Vil'raxx, a portal will spawn which leads to Lorewalker Cho.

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